Map. History of Russia conflict

23 October 2017
[email protected]: Exit polls vary on Ecuadorian election results. Some suggest a sweeping victory for @Lenin. Others suggest a runoff with Lasso.
MP Artemenko tried to make a deal between Putin and Trump on Ukraine, but the resignation of Flynn now foiled it
[email protected]: Sweden’s unethical – and unlawful – arms deals with ‘ISIS-backing’ Saudis
So-called "Donbas rebels" militants at rally near St.Isaac Cathedral in St.Petersburg
Russia's state TV: volunteer from Uzbekistan fights with Russian forces against Ukraine "to prevent Western Europe from taking over Russia."
Radioactive Iodine-131 spiked over Europe, - first measured in Finnmark
Footage: Rus Armed Forces begins Arctic ride (2000 km) to test new special vehicles
[email protected]: Alleged WikiLeaks source private Manning cash appreciation reward hits $88,091
Kosachev: The Russian military was the most transparent. We have never been presented with any evidence for the accusations. #MSC2017
[email protected]: Today, Ecuador becomes first country in the world to hold a referendum on the use of tax havens by officials (following Panama Papers leak).
[email protected]: Claimed US former spy says that WikiLeaks analysis staff are equal to three hundred people with government jobs
[email protected]: Chinese ambassador "private, off the record" set up for meeting with Clinton campaign during run up to US election
[email protected]: RT @wikileaks: Assange asylum is in the news today Background: & team statement: ht…
Pic of @vkaramurza shared by his lawyer. He was flown back to US to continue treatment for 'toxic effect of unknown substance'
Rubio "very confident" in Senate Intelligence probe into Russia's actions
[email protected]: RT @telesurenglish: [email protected]​ cables reveal the devious role of U.S. in Ecuador 2010 coup attempt that injured nearly 280 people. #Ecuad…
[email protected]: Campaign to release the EU files on the Greek debt crisis #TheGreekFiles them? See:
[email protected]: Telesur: Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe
[email protected]: Russian FM Lavrov to US VP Pence & others today at #MSF2017 citing CIA+NSA espionage See
[email protected]: RT @ProfessorsBlogg: Sweden bribed its way to #UN Security Council using millions from the public budget for aid to poor
[email protected]: RT @JulianAssange: How cool are Ecuadorians? "Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe" with @lombremono
[email protected]: RT @couragefound: End persecution of Zambian journalist Dr M’membe #PressFreedom #Zambia
Four soldiers were injured due to the ignition of ammunition in Novorossiysk
#MSC2017 Pence: “We will hold Russia accountable on the Ukraine even if we seek new ground.”
Merkel: Russia is "actively engaged" in hybrid warfare, spreading fake news. #MSC2017
FBI Director James Comey briefed senators on Russia during a closed-door meeting
Wang Yi: We will strengthen cooperation with the US and Russia to promote positive interaction with both countries
After last year's meeting with MFA Lavrov we had 3 meetings of the NATO-Russia Council in 2016 - SG @jensstoltenberg
NATO is strengthening political dialogue with Russia, also through strengthening military lines of communication - SG @jensstoltenberg
[email protected]: Putin hates Ukraine sincerely. He considers the Ukrainian identity is part of the Russian one