Map. History of Russia conflict

21 October 2017
US President Obama says Donald Trump’s "continued flattery" of Russia's President Putin is unprecedented
Novaya Gazeta: Amendments to law on military service will legalise participation of private armies in military actions outside Russia.
Mig-35 soon will be ready for tests
Over 5,000 Russian troops, 500 pieces of the armor and vehicles begin Arctic exercises
Fire at Progress plant in Samara, Russia
Fire at Progress plant in Samara, Russia
Russia 'Novomoskovsk' Delta IV SSBN day of R-29RMU SLBM launch (note open missile hatch) courtesy Norway P-3 Orion
Son of a Russian oil executive avoids prison for his part in a car chase with police that spawned a viral video
Russia: 1,500+ servicemen and about 400 pieces of military hardware have been put on combat readiness for inspection in Samara region.
Counter-terror operation declared in Buynaksk district of Dagestan
Donald Trump: "I could see myself" meeting with Vladimir Putin even before I'm president
Over Nevada USA -Russian Air Force Open Skies observation aircraft
Radio Svoboda quotes Caucasus Times: Suhumi TV center bomber is Sergey Torosenko from DNRs Motorola group
New Russian Altius-M long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle spotted at the airfield in Kazan
Poroshenko extended sanctions against Russian Federation for another year
Russian "Buzzer" is active today, 13 messages so far
Putin press secretary says little chance Normandy 4 leaders will meet this week on Ukraine, but work continues
"Oscar-II" class cruise missile submarine Smolensk launched Granite cruise missile during drill. Hit target on Novaya Zemlya
Putin appointed new commander of Strategic aviation
UKIP for Russia Today, as their accounts blocked
Russia Today bank accounts blocked in the UK
Rally near Russian Embassy in Kyiv "Embassy of Gulag"
Man 'blows himself up' at TV centre in Georgian breakaway region
UK blocked all Russia Today's bank accounts
Infantry in Dagestan/South military district of Russia on Battle alert for another drill
Alexander Zakharchenko comments on Motorola death
Alexander Zakharchenko comments on Motorola death
Russian propaganda TV with breaking news on Motorola death
In the Derbent district of Dagestan two suspected militants killed
Counter-terror operation declared in Derbent district of Dagestan
Putin hopes relations with Washington can recover after U.S. presidential elections
Protest in St.Petersburg against war in Syria