Map. History of Russia conflict

17 October 2017
"Three Russian warships have been detected in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia – Latvian Armed Forces
President Putin observed action of the troops of the Union State of Russia and Belarus during #Zapad2017 joint strategic military exercises
Russia’s banking woes mount as state-run firms withdraw billions
Police found a bag with explosive device at Dmitrovskoe Shosse in Moscow
Chinese ships entered Vladivostok harbor
Russia MOD says military has launched Iskander-M ballistic missile at "maximum range" as part of #Zapad2017 military drills
Russian Ministry of Defence says it's allowed 90 foreign military attaches/observers to visit the #Zapad2017 exercises near St Petersburg
Readout of Secretary Tillerson's meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. They are expected to meet again on Tuesday
RUS state Tu-214SR is providing comms support near StP
Tactical drill at Khmelevka firing range in Kaliningrad Region #Zapad2017
Russian defense Ministry: UAV of different ranges involved in call for the operations of the troops during Zapad-2017
Russian Mindef video of tank units at Zapad2017 drill in Leningrad region
Lavrov met with Tillerson in New York
Tillerson says China can cut off oil supplies, as they did in the past. Russia can stop hiring NK laborers
Rex Tillerson says China and Russia can bring a lot to bear on North Korea.
[email protected]: "Distressed" at time it took to learn of Russian ads on Facebook; social media companies need to "testify before Congress."
Anti-war activists held a protest on the historic ship Aurora in St. Petersburg.
Dmitri Peskov's daughter deleted her Instagram account, showing off her expensive purchases in France and other countries didn't work.
Russia: In Chelyabinsk detained a volunteer of Navalny campaign
Alexei Navalny speaks at the biggest rally in the history of Omsk.
Queue for Navalny rally in Omsk, photo taken after the previous one of the huge crowd already waiting in front of the stage.
Crowd in Omsk waiting for Navalny rally.
Multiple (at least four) RUAF Su-25s departed Gromovo
Dashcam video: road accident with military van in Pechenga, Murmansk region
Dashcam video: road accident with military van in Pechenga, Murmansk region
Dodon: Positive changes in relations between Moldova and Russia exist and will be continued
RuAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea consistent with multiple IL76s
Helicopters for Zapad-2017 drill in Lenignrad region near Vyritsa
Helicopters for Zapad-2017 drill in Lenignrad region near Vyritsa
Tosno village of Leningrad region: combat helicopters for Zapad-2017
Helicopters for Zapad-2017 drill in Leningrad region
Belarus Ministry of Defense denied that 100 000 military taking part in Zapad drill