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21 มิถุนายน 2018

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Georgia's MFA: Russian elections in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are illegal.
Russia's ruling United Russia party leads the 2016 Duma elections with 45%, Putin and Medvedev announce
Interfax: Putin calls turnout in the Duma elections "not the greatest, but high."
Exit poll from state-run agency suggests Russia's ruling party will win majority in lower house of parliament.
Putin’s United Russia gets 45% in Duma election: exit poll
Brawl at polling station in Hunzah, Dagestan
Violation video from Nizhny Novhorod
Blackouts at polling stations in 4 districts of Crimea
The CEC intends to investigate the publication of exit polls in social networks
More than 100 Russians voted in the Duma elections in Kyiv
Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev casts his vote in Moscow
Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev casts his vote in Moscow
Russia says strikes on Syrian army threaten US-Russian ceasefire plan
CEC: voter Turnout by 12:00 Moscow time amounted to about 23 %
Police didn't found bomb at the man who threatened an explosion at a polling station in Central Moscow
Here's what you need to know about Russia's State Duma elections taking place today.
Putin casts vote in parliamentary elections
PARNAS party candidate Ruslan Magomedov was detained at polling station in Dagestan
Elections in Crimea questioned the legitimacy of the state Duma, MFA
Cheating at Rostov-on-Don polling station
Babushka choir outside a Moscow polling station
Protest near Russian Embassy in Kyiv. Police and National guard on the site
Clashes also near Russian consulate in Odesa
Dagestan: voter trying to push big batch of bulletins into the polling basket
Elections at Russian consulate in Kharkiv - quite calm
The man, allegedly with an explosive device, went to the polling station in Central Moscow, the source said
Putin voted at Duma elections
Head of central electoral commission calls reports of carousels of absentee voters "rubbish". Facts say differently.
At polling station 76, CAO dumped people to vote. And here are the voting.
About dozen of protesters against elections to the state Duma have already gathered under the Russian Embassy in Kyiv
Information on the turnout, at 10:00 almost all regions, the result is 6.66%
Russians head to polls for parliamentary elections
Elections in Barnaul can be cancelled due to "carousel" at the polls
Tyumen region, transmitted data at 3:00PM, but there is only 1:06PM now
Polling station is plastered with United Russia ads.
Russia's Communist Party reports organized multiple voting in St. Petersburg (carousel).
OSCE observers note well-organised voting in Moscow
Moscow, Onezhska: mass transfer to polling station. Threats against monitors
Russian elections: turnout in Tuva dropped from 68% to 35%
CEC realized that the turnout of 68% by noon in Tyva too much, fixed by 35%
In Novosibirsk, you can have three liters of beer, if vote for "United Russia"
Suspicious crowd traveling at poling station in Moscow
In diplomatic missions of Russia in Ukraine opened polling
Poling station already opened in many regions of Russia
Russian Foreign Ministry: White House "defending ISIS fighters" - after attack on Syrian Army
14 wounded in road accident with bus in Rostov-On-Don
Russia lets a Ukrainian prisoner free. He is blind and has no hands. He spent 2 yrs in RU captivity
Police detained in Moscow 27 people for illegal election propaganda in the day of silence
Panetta: If we are not together, Russia will take advantage of it
Panetta: last thing you want to do is roll the dice with Putin. I don't trust him, never was able to trust him
France's Lellouche: Our priority No. 1 is to fix Middle East, and we can only do it with help of Russia, not against it
Panetta: In the US Congress, Democratic and Republican majority supports Ukraine and tough policy against Putin
FM @PavloKlimkin: Ukraine is existential for Russia because Ukraine's democratic success is a challenge for Russia
Ex-CIA chief Panetta on Russia: You can't deal with a bully from weakness. You have to deal with them from strength
Leon Panetta: When you look in Putin's eyes, you see KGB, KGB, KGB
Zakaria: It cost Russia very little to destabilize Ukraine. It cost West a lot to stabilize it
2 Russian military killed in road accident in Armenia
Putin: Russia wants the political difficulties in Moldova to be overcome as quickly as possible - RIA.
Russia’s democrats are opposed to Putin - and each other, @AndrewKramerNYT reports
Putin on elections in the United States: We see an attempt to create from Russia the image of the Empire, and to scare inhabitants
Kosovo expels Russian, Ukrainian journalists
Russia cancels manned space launch over 'technical' issues
Putin says Syrian army honouring truce, rebels 'regrouping'
Russia’s Putin hopes US sticks to its commitments on Syria
Russia's Putin sees attempts to manipulate public opinion ahead of Duma election
Putin says Moscow wants to see a reliable and stable partner in Kyiv.
Putin on whether he supports Hillary or Trump: The one who wants to build relations with Russia on an equal basis.
Putin: The US is experiencing difficulties because of the semi-criminal structures in Syria.
A sharp increase in defense spending will adversely affect other programmes, including social
TASS: Roskosmos postpones launch of space ship Soyuz MS-02.
Reuters published the video "fire" the Russian embassy in Kiev
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