Map. History of Russia conflict

23 February 2018


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Putin signed decree on mobilization reserve in Russian Federation Document/View/0001201507170019
Lavrov at Dutch Embassy in Moscow
In Moscow Honored the memory of MH17 victims. People light candles.
Thousands of Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr outside the Moscow Grand Mosque on Friday.
Thousands of Muslims celebrated  Eid al-Fitr  outside the Moscow Grand Mosque on Friday.
In the state Duma Maria Gaidar was compared to the "traitors of the Motherland"
An-12 aircraft of the defense Ministry of Russia emergency landing in Chelyabinsk
Savchenko was taken to Donetsk, Rostov Region
RU opposition journalist&activist Maria Haidar gives up her RU citizenship to join Odesa team of @SaakashviliM
In Bishkek destroyed the militants plotting an attack on Russian air-base
More than 200 people evacuated because of the fire at the metro station "Dmitrovskaya"
Explosion at Kazan railway station in Moscow
Three carriages of a freight train derailed in the Amur region
Polish border guards have reported an increase in the number of Russians coming from Kaliningrad
Radios of northern fleet are very busy today
Navalny's former press secretary @Anna_Veduta is going to appear as witness on trial against the infamous hackerhell in Bonn, July 21
Commander of Russian air-borne troops apologized to the relatives of the victims of Omsk barracks
Opposition journalist Eugene Galaganov was beaten In Ulan-Ude
Truck has exploded In Moscow on the street Marshala Proshlyakova. There are killed
The death toll from the collapse of the airborne barracks in Omsk increased to 21
The Commission of the Ministry of defence flies tp Omsk to the airborne training center airborne
Airborne troops barracks collapsed in Omsk, At least 1 dead
"Got Putin-don't need a brain." Sign at picket in Moscow against war in Ukraine
Russia plans to begin shortly supplies of energy resources to Greece - Russian minister
In Estonia want to nominate Nemtsov for the Sakharov award
Shooting at electronic market in Tsaritsino
Five-storey residential building collapsed In Perm last night. One person can stay under debris
The pipeline broke in Samara region of Russia
Police commit searches in office of Saratov's local media "Public Opinion"
Road accident in Rostov region: 10 Ukrainians injured
Chemical plant is burning in Barnaul, Russia