Map. History of Russia conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russia and U.S. held emergency talks on latest strikes
Gerhard Schröder doubt that anti-Russian sanctions are appropriate
in St.Petersburg at the bridge named after Kadyrov this banner calls jihad on RU: "Kill as many Russians as you can"
Communists rally in Voronezh: We will strike NATO with power of workers
Russian fans are being deported to Russia from France
Russian fans in detention center in Marseille
Russian security council promised to respond to NATO recent build-up
Russian communists KPRF staged march in Moscow against warmongering policy of NATO
Tim Peake phones home after landing safely back on Earth
Search and recovery teams reach the descent module of #SoyuzTMA19M spacecraft to begin extracting the crew.
Teams will not get close to the Soyuz for a few minutes to wait for the firing of pyros that cut the chute and deploy antennas. ISS
Safe landing of the Soyuz in Kazakhstan
SoyuzTMA19M landed in Kazakhstan
First glimpse of Soyuz capsule with @astro_timpeake , @astro_tim and Cmdr Yuri
Soyuz fires deorbit engines slowing spacecraft to begin re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.
#SoyuzTMA19M initiates braking maneuver to reenter the Earth's atmosphere and land
Commander of SoyuzTMA19M Yuri Malenchenko talking to Moscow mission control via radio
Soyuz preps for 5:14am ET/9:14am UTC landing in Kazakhstan.
RU MP Pushkov called Steinmeier voice of reason in NATO
Here's how @astro_timpeake will complete his return to Earth from ISS
German minister Steinmeier criticises 'warmongering' Nato exercises
Military planes dropped 40 tonnes of water on wildfires in Irkutsk region
Russia opens criminal case against ex-head of Moscow anti-doping lab Grigory Rodchenkov (now whistleblower in the US) over "abuse of power"
Here's the planned landing course for SoyuzTMA19M. Landing 09:14 GMT
Barring Russian Athletes from RioOlympics is unfair - Putin
Russia sports ministry ordered doping cover-up at 2013: worlds - WADA investigator
LGBT Club in Ekaterinburg Issues Safety Advice After Attack of Football hooligans
Italy opposes automatical, undiscussed extension of sanctions against Russia, - PM Renzi
The International Association of Athletics Federations has voted unanimously to maintain Russia's athletics ban ahead of the Olympic Games
Jens Stoltenberg: NATO responds to "Russia's aggression against Ukraine"
NBC News: Vladimir Putin 'welcomes' a Trump presidency
Russian athletes to remain banned from Olympics over doping claims after failure to meet IAAF criteria for ban to be lifted
Putin: NATO forces near the border of Russia could bring to new Cold War
Putin now proposes new economic union
Putin on Clinton: I haven't worked with her - ask Lavrov, he's been around longer than Gromyko (RIA)
Putin: "I don't know how just a few hundred of our supporters fought off several thousand Englishmen, but the police should deal with it"
Putin looks extremely bored when talking about Russian economy, much more in his element when discussing Syria, Ukraine #SPIEF
At SPIEF2016 Putin supported OSCE armed mission at Donbas
Putin says Russia seeks compromises, doesn't want return to Cold War.
PUTIN: at the Donbass Ukrainian army shooting into itself. Who told you that shoot so-called separatists?
Putin: The US destroyed Ukraine to justify the existence of NATO.
Putin: the West was counting on Russia to cut down its military, its weapons rusting away in the depots
Putin Recalls how the West helped to fund separatists in Chechnya in the 1990s
Military transport aircraft of Russian air force continues to put out forest fires in the Irkutsk region
SOF Kamaz crashed with private car in Manas, Dagestan - 3 wounded
Russia biathlon legend Alexander Tikhonov tells: "WADA should be disqualified. And if they keep acting like this, put them all in jail"
Putin speech so far: Russia wants sanctions removed, but don't expect us to admit were wrong or change behavior
Sberbank head Gref says Brexit will cause panic on Russian markets
Putin's just said that EU remains Russia's "key trade partner, says Russia "is not indifferent" to what's happening there
Russian journalist Schevchenko on Kadyrov bridge: There were no Russian soldiers in Chechnya in 1994, they were "Yeltsin soldiers"
EU extends sanctions on Russia annexed Crimea until mid-2017
Afanasyev and Soloshenko told about tortures in FSB, Russian jail
Russian Mindef Shoigu checked battle readiness check in units of Krasnodar region
Head of Sberbank Gref urged Putin to "end military story" in Ukraine
In @TheOliverStone's Ukraine documentary, Putin and Yanukovych say the CIA staged Maidan to help Nazis destroy Russia
In @TheOliverStone's Ukraine documentary, Putin  and  Yanukovych say the CIA staged Maidan to help Nazis destroy Russia
Russian counter-terror operation in Dagestan: 4 spetsnaz KIA; 6 wounded in the district of Derbent
Zhirinovsky: "Russia is center of the world. And now that Trump will win, Europe will be left alone to deal with us, one-on-one"
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