Map. History of Russia conflict

22 January 2018


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Rosbalt : Dadaev received half a million rubles in advance to kill Nemtsov
Six killed in helicopter crash in Khabarovsk region of Russia
In Khabarovsk region have lost contact with the Mi-8 helicopter. 16 people on the board
Six cars collided on the South-West of Moscow in accident
Three people wouded as a result of a crash of helicopter Robinson R44 in Neryungri
In Perm, unidentified shot of the tram
In Tatarstan in the village shop found 3 sanctions geese from Hungary. Crushed by tractor
In Tatarstan in the village shop found 3 sanctions geese from Hungary. Crushed by tractor
In Kerch destroyed batch of fruits from Lithuania
The former commander of land forces of RF was sentenced to five years in prison
In Moscow a 10-metre banner RBC and "Rain" are chain dogs of Britain
Train burnt in Moscow region
Russian Supreme court dismissed complaint on Putin's decree on "secret losses"
Case opened against PARNAS on falsification of signatures in Novosibirsk
In Novosibirsk demo against the destruction of sanctioned products
Reddit was banned in Russia because two years old article on mushrooms
Reddit got rid of "illegal information", and Roskomnadzor unblocked it
Police searchs in Qiwi office
In St. Petersburg, the building is on fire next to the "Baltic plant"
Poll: majority of Russians support a ban on the purchase of condoms
In the Kaliningrad region destroyed a lot of Polish perch with the head, fins and scales
Medvedev instructed the head of the EMERCOM Puchkov to urgently fly to the fires in Siberia
Headline in KP tabloid: "Why is America making homosexuality the new world religion?'
Russia extends food embargo to Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Ukraine
The representative of Putin in court: "we have, thank God, peace time now."
In the Omsk region hanged himself the local leader of Edinaya Russia
The batch of pork from the U.S. may be disposed in the Bryansk region
Representatives of Putin said that the information about the losses may disclose the size of the army
[email protected]: every citizen has a right to know what happens to their compatriots, especially relatives
CEC's going to return PARNAS to elections in Kostroma
Before the session of the Supreme court on ban of losses of Russian army