Map. History of Russia conflict

18 October 2017
Russian Dep Foreign Minister Rybakov says Russian government "almost" at a deal on getting back property seized by the US
Nothing, as far as we know, to @DonaldJTrumpJr - Russia lawyer meeting beyond Magnitsky Act, asserts @PressSec.
[email protected] also defers to @StateDept on threats by Russia about return of their US compounds seized by last administration.
Lavrov just called Americans bandits for wanting something in return for diplomatic compounds.
Russia's Lavrov says anti-Russian feeling in the US means not certain that Russia and US can agree on global issues
USGS: an Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 struck the coast of Russia.
TASS: Volodin calls removal of Russian delegation's right to vote at PACE atavism.
Russia's @avtovaz, the maker of Lada cars, to dismiss 8,000 workers until 2019
Putin signed a decree on the inclusion of Russian National Guard in the list of strategic enterprises
Europe's tallest skyscraper under construction in Grozny
Tonight Russian state TV warned the US: give us back our compounds or we'll expel your diplomats. Here's what anchor Dmitry Kiselev said
Russia TV:if US won't return seized RUS diplo compounds, Moscow to expel "3 dozen US diplomats", conditions will worsen for US diplos left"
Russia's state TV: If Ryabkov-Shannon talks fail, things will get so bad for US diplos and their families, they may ask for pension increase.
On whether Trump would rule out pardoning key figures in Russia probe, Sekulow says, "I have not had the conversation with the president."
Russia: The Kurds need to be included in intra-Syrian talks in Geneva.
Riad Hijab: The Russian ambassador's claim in Geneva that the opposition made "concessions" is purely media fraud and is contrary to professionalism and credibility.
Moscow summoned ambassador Neguta to secure "green corridor" celebrations in Transnistria.
Even if a cybersecurity deal with Russia not possible, Bossert says US has "responsibility" to hold talks in pursuit of a "positive result."
On Putin meeting last Friday, Bossert said Pres Trump "pointedly and exactingly" told Putin "we will not have our elections messed with."
In an interview with @RealSportsHBO one of Putin's biggest allies says "we will put the world on its knees and screw it from behind."
Kadyrov says if there are any gay people in Chechnya they should be removed in order to purify the blood of the Chechen people.
#Zakharova: On June 29, there was a hacking attack on the emails of Russian Foreign Ministry
@RepAdamSchiff: If former intel officer present, even more damning. Regardless Kremlin got clear message that Trump campaign welcomed its help. Here's why:
Ru Tu-214 RA-64506 Moscow Vnukovo-Belgorod, Ru Tu-214 PU RA-64520 St Petersburg-Belgorod, Ru Tu-214 PU RA-64517 St Petersburg-Belgorod
Ru Tu-214SR RA-64526 is providing comms support northeast Belgorod
Kadyrov accused The West in the informational warfare against Chechnya
Vlogger Sokolovsky, who was prosecuted for playing Pokemon Go in a church, has now been put on terrorist watch list
Moscow threatens to trim number of American diplomats at US embassy
Kadyrov calls convicted killers of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov "completely innocent"
Russian MFA says U.S is refusing to issue visas for Russian diplomats