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22 กันยายน 2018

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State Duma of Russia ordered to check "Radio Free Europe", "CNN" and Voice of America
In St.-Petersburg detained an activist on a single rally against the annexation of the Crimea
[email protected]: Obama NSA and CIA intercepts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (archive)
Merkel: "On the one hand we want to see a sovereign Ukraine, but we also would like to improve our relations with Russia"
[email protected]: RT @couragefound: Updated with ruling: Luxembourg Court of Appeals acknowledges that #LuxLeaks releases were in the "general interest"
[email protected]: CIA transparency
[email protected]: President Harry Truman on his creation, the CIA
Russia and India have stopped the project to create the Il-214
[email protected]: Eddington/CATO: Congressional intel committees should return to protecting American privacy
Alfa Bank says its servers have been hacked to make it look like it is communicating with Trump Org. Has contacted US law enforcement.
Alexei Navalny promises to be the last to abandon ship as policeman warns there's a bomb in the building in Tomsk where he's meeting people.
The Federation Council of RF called the idea of a referendum on the accession of Donbass to Russia premature
A police colonel came to the Navalny meeting in Tomsk saying there was a bomb in the building, everyone must evacuate. Volunteers whistled.
Russia returned to Ukraine 12 prisoners serving their sentences in Occupied Crimea
Admiral Vladimir Korolev, Commander-in-Chief, Russian Navy visited Western Naval Command, Mumbai, met Admiral Girish Luthra
Delhi: Defence Minister Arun Jaitley meets Russia's Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Manturov at Manekshaw Centre
Cyprus, Limassol, the building of the Russian radio station Russian Wave is on fire after the explosion. No casualties
Turkish to stop Russian wheat imports with a 130% duty as revenge for Turkish tomato boycott
Ingushetia, Russian Caucasus: in Malgobek FSB HQ was shelled with RPG last night
In the centre of Moscow has limited movement in connection with the preparations for the Victory parade
Door of Coordinator and employee of the Tomsk Navalny staff was filled with foam and car doused with paint
In Yekaterinburg building of the interior Ministry is on fire
Sean Spicer slams selective media coverage: "Crickets" when lawmakers deny Russia ties
[email protected]: Larry King interviews McAfee anti-virus founder over CIA #Vault7 leak
Documents obtained by @RepCummings and Oversight Dems show Flynn received $45,000 from Russia Today for appearance at a December 2015 gala
Russia's defense budget is set to shrink by 25% in 2017 according to figures released by the Russian Treasury
In Moscow drunk man threatens to blown up a house
Unknown man threatens to blow up an apartment building in Moscow
[email protected]: "The Guardian" credulously quoted arms company+US DoD propaganda outfit CEPA as if it was an academic institute
[email protected]: Europe is filled with fake institutes trying to increase US arms sales & defend CIA. Here is one: CEPA. Its funders?
All Crimean sanctions against Russia are in force - State Dept
Glazyev: We have to simplify the obtaining of a Russian passport for all residents of Ukraine. So anyone can get not just asylum but work
Russia: Air Defence Battalion of the Baltic Fleet conducted a training, repelling a conventional attack. Baltics
Russia pushing more military equipment to Ukrainian border
Freelance Novaya Gazeta correspondent in Moscow who was rejected in Russia for asylum from Uzbekistan has been arrested.
Poroshenko declared sanctions against Russian banks in Ukraine - Sberbank, VS Bank, OA PIB, AOA VTB Bank, AOA BM Bank
US ambassador to the UN Haley warns the West against trusting
Putin accepts letters of verification from ambassadors:Russia is a free country, here diplomats can talk to anyone, not fearing career ruin.
Tourist bus crashes in Russia near border with Finland - three dead, 19 injured.
Insulation on bow section of "Admiral Istomin" frigate catches fire on Mar 15 during hot work
Russia denies official involvement in 'any' cybercrimes
Carrier Kuznetsov moored as usual at 35 SRZ near Murmansk on 9 March. Repair and modernization set to begin in May.
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