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23 กันยายน 2018

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Sean Spicer slams selective media coverage: "Crickets" when lawmakers deny Russia ties
[email protected]: Larry King interviews McAfee anti-virus founder over CIA #Vault7 leak
Documents obtained by @RepCummings and Oversight Dems show Flynn received $45,000 from Russia Today for appearance at a December 2015 gala
Russia's defense budget is set to shrink by 25% in 2017 according to figures released by the Russian Treasury
In Moscow drunk man threatens to blown up a house
Unknown man threatens to blow up an apartment building in Moscow
[email protected]: "The Guardian" credulously quoted arms company+US DoD propaganda outfit CEPA as if it was an academic institute
[email protected]: Europe is filled with fake institutes trying to increase US arms sales & defend CIA. Here is one: CEPA. Its funders?
All Crimean sanctions against Russia are in force - State Dept
Glazyev: We have to simplify the obtaining of a Russian passport for all residents of Ukraine. So anyone can get not just asylum but work
Russia: Air Defence Battalion of the Baltic Fleet conducted a training, repelling a conventional attack. Baltics
Russia pushing more military equipment to Ukrainian border
Freelance Novaya Gazeta correspondent in Moscow who was rejected in Russia for asylum from Uzbekistan has been arrested.
Poroshenko declared sanctions against Russian banks in Ukraine - Sberbank, VS Bank, OA PIB, AOA VTB Bank, AOA BM Bank
US ambassador to the UN Haley warns the West against trusting
Putin accepts letters of verification from ambassadors:Russia is a free country, here diplomats can talk to anyone, not fearing career ruin.
Tourist bus crashes in Russia near border with Finland - three dead, 19 injured.
Insulation on bow section of "Admiral Istomin" frigate catches fire on Mar 15 during hot work
Russia denies official involvement in 'any' cybercrimes
Carrier Kuznetsov moored as usual at 35 SRZ near Murmansk on 9 March. Repair and modernization set to begin in May.
[email protected]: RT @ggreenwald: When 1 Senator accuses another of being a Kremlin agent due to policy disagreement over NATO expansion, can we call that Mc…
DOJ wanted posters on Suchin Igor now even in Russian
Sen. Feinstein on meeting with FBI Dir. Comey: "This briefing was all on sensitive matters and highly classified"
Russian spies masterminded huge Yahoo data breach, U.S. prosecutors say
DoJ/FBI revealspecific *intra-Russian gov't targeting*
Yahoo hack suspect Karim Baratov, who was nabbed in Canada this week, was laying low, it seems. (via DOJ indictment)
"Orthodox" oligarch Malofeev, chief of Dugin: Vladimir Putin is the leader that God has given us
"The Russians have been at this for a long time," @SenWhitehouse (D-RI) says at hearing. "They've adapted old methods to new technology."
Julian Assange initially tweeting his complaint from the wrong account (that he pretends isn't run by him)
FSB Public Council supports the idea of a memorial to servicemen of the NKVD
Russian spy ship is back. Now 20 miles SE of US Navy sub base in Kings Bay, Ga. heading North following brief stop for fuel and supplies in Havana
[email protected]: McAfee releases detection tool for Mac EFI rootkits following #Vault7 release showing CIA work on EFI malware.
FBI Director Comey to testify at House Intel hearing on Russian election interference
Photo of suspects in Yahoo attack
[email protected]: Democrats and Republicans like CIA leaks more when published by WikiLeaks
U.S. indicts two Russian intel operatives and two hackers for 2014 Yahoo breach
Protesters surrounded Rus 1st channel reporter, asking about wars, @navalny and Medvedev's vineyards
Russian hackers charged in U.S. in massive Yahoo breach, one in custody in Canada
In 2 districts of Ingushetia, Russia's security services introduced counter-terrorism operation
Data stolen from Yahoo was also used to access accounts of U.S. and Russian government officials and private-sector employees - DOJ
Data stolen from Yahoo was used to access accounts at Yahoo, Google and other sites, including those of Russian journalists - DOJ
U.S. charges 4 people, including 2 officers of Russian intelligence agency FSB, in connection with Yahoo hack - official
InformNapalm: Russian SAM S300 Echelon filmed recently in Krasnodar headed to occupied Abkhazia
Gryzlov declared the actions of Ukraine contrary to the Minsk agreements
Transport blockade of Donbass contrary to the conscience and common sense - Lavrov
Turkish Def Min says Turkey and Russia didn't reach a level in negotiations where Ankara can sign a contract to buy air defence system
15 suspected members of Hizb-ut Tahrir were detained in Tatarstan
15 suspected members of Hizb-ut Tahrir were detained in Tatarstan
Peskov thinks work of Russian banks in Ukraine is not necessary
Zhirinovsky: next March I will drive to the Kremlin, I will shoot and hang!
Russian activists said prayers outside the Ukrainian consulate in St. Petersburg for defenders of Ukraine killed by Russian aggression.
Russian deployed Bastion anti-ship missile complex in Novorosiysk
LDPR fraction exit Duma session after critics of Edinaya Russia
Agreement reached between Turkey and Russia to sell Turkey S-400 long-range missile defense system
Kremlin asks Russian tycoons to deliver iron ore to Donbas metal plants cut off from Ukrainian suppliers.
RuAF strategic AF sw net up with voice traffic and W marker - Tu95/160 possible active today
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