Map. History of Russia conflict

24 November 2017
Kremlin - "There should be no borders between Russia and Abkhazia"
Budapest today
"I've hated Americans for 70 years already." - Soviet/Russian singer Edita Pierha's
The Prosecutor's office began an investigation into the death of 20-year-old contractor, who told about the trip to Rostov
"Europe, not Eurasia!" says speaker from truck, "No to Putin, yes to Europe". Hungary against Putin
The Duma started to blackmail Europe Third world war, - Newsweek
Residents of Tomsk "wrote" on the ice word
President Putin visits Hungary tomorrow.
Russian Muslims said that "Putin is epoch-making personality, given to us by God"
Putin discussed the "truce" in the Donbass at the meeting of the security Council of the Russian Federation
Swimsuits and dresses with symbols of "DNR" are sold on Russian site
Navalny "& friends" released from police
"These guys killed Sergei #Magnitsky, my lawyer, for money" – @Billbrowder on @FareedZakaria
In Russian TV "Goodbye America"
Russian "journalist" Venediktov @aavst and Zhirinovsky divided Ukraine at NTV show
ISIS planted mines, boobytraps all over #Kobane countryside: inside kitchenware, on roads etc
ISIS planted mines, boobytraps all over #Kobane countryside: inside kitchenware, on roads etc
Tobruq government fires minister for criticism of anti-militia campaign
Muslim. community asked the mayor of Moscow to allocate land for the construction of a mosque named Vladimir Putin
Putin has posted the proof of deliveries of Russian weapons to the separatists on its website, - Nemtsov
Moscow state University Ex-Professor Dugin banned in the Schengen area
Ankara and Moscow haven't solved the question about gas discount supplies from Russia to Turkey yet
Fire at Kyivska subway station in Moscow on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya
The inhabitants of Kronstadt was distributed 200 packs of butter free of charge near "Magnet"
Milonov urged to abandon the "Valentines and stuff"
SocGen’s Russian Bank Unit Said to Cut 1,500 Jobs This Year
Unknown attacked the deputy, who collected money for the residents of Donbass in Kaliningrad
Mustafa Dzhemiliev banned by Russia as a ‘threat to national security’
Zhirinovsky Calls for Sending 15 Million Ukrainians 'Beyond the Ural"
About 4 thousand of the Moscow taxi drivers announced a boycott of "Yandex", GetTaxi, Uber
Russian Prosecutors now consider Transparency International as a foreign agent