Map. History of Russia conflict

22 กันยายน 2018

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Trump says he doesn't know why his longtime attorney paid $130K to Stormy Daniels right before the election
5 month ago
Russia warns Britain at U.N. nerve agent attack meeting over accusations that Moscow is to blame for poisoning former Russian spy
Putin to question: "Isn't there a risk that China could swallow Russia economically?": Russia isn't a country that is afraid of anything.
Putin said that his country has "nothing to do" with the recent cyber attack that hit computers and organizations in 150 countries
‘It was because of Russia’: CNN host dazes Kayleigh McEnany for saying ‘no proof’ why Trump fired Comey
Near Makhachkala, Dagestan, south Russia, a man opened fire at police; he was killed by return fire
[email protected]: Letter denying Trump has significant business ties to Russia "raises more questions than it answers"
The one person Moscow mayor didn't want on stage at anti-demolition rally was @navalny. Police led him away with wife and son but no arrest.
In Moscow, about 8,000 residents joined a protest against the citywide housing renovation
20,000 estimated at protest against Moscow demolition plans. Huge turnout for a largely apolitical event
Lots Of People Protesting Against Moscow's Plan To Bulldoze Low-rises. This Is Just The Scrum To Get Into The Protest
Russian air-defense troops is on alert after North Korea launch
CNN: North Korean ballistic missile fell into the sea, 97 kilometers from Vladivostok
Zeman: Are there other journalists here? Too many journalists, they should be liquidated. Putin: No need to liquidate, you can reduce
Despite the claim that the missile may have landed ~60km (or miles?) south of Vladivostok, Japan thinks it breached its JADIZ (perhaps both)
For 2nd time this week, another Russian fighter jet 'buzzed' US Navy recon plane in Black Sea Friday. Unclear if Russian Su-27 armed again.
Airing season 3 of "Fargo," Russian state TV cut the mentions of Putin and the claim that he lies to his people.
System for issuing driver's licences is paralysed in some regions of Russia due to cyberattack on the Interior Ministry.
Hacking attack by wCry ransomewhere affected Russia disproportionately
Putin goes to Beijing for the forum on "One belt and one road": 110 countries, and the leaders of the 28
A British Virgin Islands flagged super yacht Taurica (Greek name for Crimea) heading to Sochi
Russia: at red Square in Moscow the readers of the Constitution of the Russian Federation were arrested
BBC reporting 1000 computers at Russian Interior Ministry hit
Screenshot of WCry on infected computer of Russian internal ministry
IT security firm Avast says it has detected more than 75,000 "WannaCry" ransomware attacks across 99 countries; Russia hardest hit
Klimenko: Hack attack by WannaCry virus won't cause big losses to the economy.
Snowden: NSA is indirectly guilty of the cyberattack that infected computers in 74 countries.
Russia's Interior Ministry has confirmed it has come under cyber attack
"The notion there's collusion is a hoax" @PressSec says of allegations about Russia-Trump campaign
WH releases letter from Pres Trump's tax lawyers to show that with "a few exceptions" he had no income from Russian sources.
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