Map. History of Russia conflict

19 กันยายน 2018

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[email protected]: Correction: MMA champion, not UFC champion.
[email protected]: Video: UFC champion destroys his Samsung Smart TV after #CIA #Vault7 publication
Crimea chief Aksyonov says Russia need to switch to monarchy
Army of pro-Trump bots are now promoting Wikileaks
[email protected]: Dutch election Wednesday. 1392 leaked documents from WikiLeaks archives referencing right-populist Geert Wilders
On 27 March thousands of truck drivers in Russia plan a nationwide protest against road toll charges
Russia's opposition politician Alexey @Navalny is calling for anti-corruption protest in Moscow on 26
Alleged Islamic State cell leader detained in Adygea, Russian North Caucasus
[email protected]: WikiLeaks has contacted Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla & MicroTik to help protect users against CIA malware Ref
Serzh Sargsyan arrived in Moscow: Tomorrow the President of Armenia have negotiations with Putin in the Kremlin
Wikileaks actively edits leaks to limit negative exposure to Putin/Assad and co
Putin: PM Medvedev canceled all coming meetings, cause of flu - he is ill
Peskov: CNN's film about Putin is based on "absolute fiction".
Zvezda TV: commander of South Military district personally inspected battle readiness of troops
Russia appears to have deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the border with Libya in recent days, U.S., Egyptian and diplomatic sources say
Convoys of Russian military near Ukrainian border in Rostov region
[email protected]: Dutch election iWednesday. Here are 1392 documents from WikiLeaks archives referencing right-populist Geert Wilders
2nd Il-76 transport from Pskov to Marynovka to Dzhankoi
RUAF Su-34s from Voronezh deployed to Besovets, Petrozavodsk.
[email protected]: Wonder why most US journalists are toothless? Look at the beliefs of those training them #CIA #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @tedlieu: @BradMossEsq Section 702 of FISA allows IC to capture info on US citizens w/o a warrant & have that used in court. We need to…
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: As a DNI analyst at NTOC-H, I often read internet traffic to or from the US; no warrant needed. @RandPaul is right:
Russia: 3000 soldiers and 700 pieces of hardware executed a march of 1000km to get to the Astrakhan Oblast, now at the Ashuluk range.
[email protected]: Terrified talk in US national security circles that WikiLeaks is going to publish many CIA or NSA intercepts of Merkel tonight or tomorrow.
Russian military aircraft (MiG-31s/Su-24s) were urgently transferred to Western Siberia after a sudden check
[email protected]: CIA advertises internships. Whistleblowing opportunity?
Video: Fareed Zakaria explores why Putin is the most powerful man in the world
Military echelon in Krasnodar yesterday
Kremlin spokesperson Peskov; We are tired of the continues allegations that U.S President Trump and his team may have connections to Russia
Chief of Russian National Guard declared snap battle readiness check
Russia launched a surprise inspection of troops at bases in Armenia and Abkhazia
South Military district of Russia declared battle alert due to snap readiness check
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