Map. History of Russia conflict

17 November 2017
The EU has urged banks of Europe to refrain from placement of Russian Eurobonds
Peskov: Putin did not discuss with Assad his fate
In Rostov-on-don from the police Department stole 246 weapons pcs
2,000+ terrorists killed, 209 oil production and refinery objects destroyed – def minister
G06 [Russian Intel] is currently delivering a 107-group message to Eastern Europe, the first one on that schedule since September 2015.
Assad agreed with Putin on Moscow withdrawing forces from Syria: Kremlin
Radio Poland: Polish defence minister hints at terrorism in 2010 plane crash at Smolensk
RUAF bomber c/s 58342 in contact with U/I ground station
Died Demikhov — one of the founders of MHER and the main leader of Sobianin "Youth parliamentary"
#ExoMars lift off
Russian State Duma wants to impose sanctions against Hillary Clinton
ExoMars countdown: Launch personnel instructed to prepare for ventilation of propellant tanks on Proton rocket
New car campaign in Lebanon for Lada cars promises Russian Power
About 20 artists who carried their work to the exhibition were detained by police
Two banks robbed in Rostov on Don in an hour
Activist @navalny looked up US Homeland Security page, finds deceased Lesin's departure date
Journalists and Human rights defenders bus on the border of Chechnya and Ingushetiya
Russia has created dozens of fake "US" news-sites, all supporting @realDonaldTrump
Mark Feygin: I'm launching criminal prosecution of "Vovan" and "Lexus"
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the diplomatic offices of the Russian Federation
Russian banker Evgeny Buryakov pleads guilty in US spy ring that received tasks from Moscow, gathered info for SVR
In Moscow unknown burned the flag of Ukraine
World Anti-Doping Agency says there have been 99 meldonium positive tests since Jan. 1
.[email protected]_russia spox on Dutch MH17 investigators using @bellingcat data: "Honestly, I'm scared to think what this investigation might lead to".
Zakharova: As before, the whole situation around the MH17 tragedy cannot but continue to cause fair questions to the Dutch authorities
UN Human Rights Council Moscow office declared a foreign agent
Russia's signaled it will shutter the UN rights office in Moscow, says UN human rights chief
Russia will never be a threat to the US, said the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation
Explosion Reported Outside A Mosque In Southern Russia.
VBIED exploded near Mosque in Nazran'