Map. History of Russia conflict

17 November 2017
Source: Soloshenko and Afanasyev swap is planned for today
Police car blown up near Mahachkala, Dagestan
Russian top cop: gay pride parades have made French police weak and unprepared for mighty, manly Russian hooligans
French police seized all alcohol from Russian fans
British officials have contacted their Russian counterparts to raise concerns over Euro 2016 violence
French prosecutors say 150 Russians are behind much of the violence in Marseilles during Euro 2016
A little boy poses with pistols at a weapons celebrating Russia Day in St. Petersburg
Baltic Sea: Russian corvette Boiky fires a missile. German Oste-class ELINT vessel monitors
Baltic Sea: Russian corvette Boiky fires a missile. German Oste-class ELINT vessel monitors
More footage emerging of Russian hooligans smashing England fans in Marseille
Duma Passes Law Regulating News Aggregators. It means effectively the end of independent aggregators.
NATO EXER SaberStrike16 kicks off in Latvia - 13 nations, 10 000 soldiers raising interoperability
Patriarch Kirill called the heresy the belief in the power of man
Moscow: several tractors on fire on Narodnogo Opolchenia(People's militia) street
Seems like the Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko wasn't too concerned when engaging with fans at end of the match
Vladimir Putin congratulated the citizens on the Day of Russia
Russia is reportedly blocking access to @DailyMirror footage of it fans attacking England's EURO2016 supporters
UEFA will launch an investigation into crowd incidents at ENG's EURO2016  match against RUS in Marseille
Russian minister of sport Mutko denounces the weak French organization after Russian fans attack on Velodrome
England fans (and many French people too) climbing fences to avoid Russian supporters
Russia fans attacking England fans after match at European Championship.
And clashes begins as as #RUS fans stormed #ENG fans inside the stadium
1-0. England scores in game against Russia
Russian military echelon in Valuyki on the border of Kharkiv region
Marseille: Clashes between police and hooligans in Marseille #EURO2016
Live scenes in Marseille - England vs Russia
MARSEILLE : Situation tense, several people injured in the violent clashes
England and Russia fans fighting #EURO2016
Fresh clashes underway in Marseille between English and Russian fans ahead of the match btw their teams. #EURO2016
New football violence in Marseille before England-Russia game is indeed completely blocked in Russia after state watchdog bans article about shoplifting