Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
The bus of Moscow hockey team "Dynamo" got in an road accident near Smolensk
Unknown wounded two policemen in the Dagestani Derbent
Hackers took control over twitter @katehonnews, owned by Russian nationalist Dugin
Head of Ukrainian Motor Sich(manufacturer of Ukr. avia engines) Boguslaev visited Vaalam island with Putin
6 TU-22 M3 took off from Russia and bombed ISIS East of Palmyra destroying tanks, amo warehouses and training camp
Tanks in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region
In Pskov region farewell ceremony of killed in Syria pilot Evgeny Dolgin
"Falcons Flame" hacker group removed Russian propaganda videos from Serbian version of NewsFront youtube channel
Polish Mindef Macierewicz, accused Russia of organizing the Volyn massacre
"Motorola" is on vacation in Rostov, Russia
Police detained imam of one of Moscow's mosques sheikh Velitov
Shariah-compliant hospital is opening in Kazan', Tatarstan
Wildfires at Russian taiga
Local media: Police looking for truck with armed men in St.Petersburg
St.Petersburg police checking anonymous call information on Ural truck without insignia with armed people inside near Sestroretsk
ICBMs deployed in massive drills In Russia
The "LNR" terrorist is running for the Russian state Duma
Reconnaissance UAV captures Topol-M missile drills in Moscow region
Reconnaissance UAV captures Topol-M missile drills in Moscow region
Flash-floods in Krasnoyarsk Russia
RUAF bombers passing 3-digit messages with ground station #MEDYANKA
RUAF strategic air HF voice net noted active 0314Z. Bombers airborne.
Russia’s foreign ministry confirms John Kerry’s visit to Moscow on July
The crews of the MiG-29 SMT and Su-34 Western Military District had a conditional dogfights over the Kursk region
Moscow metro authorities conceal information about accidents so as not to cause panic.
Putin to strengthen the spiritual foundations of Russia
Counter-terror op declared in Miskindzha district of Dagestan
Putin at Valaam asked to pray for the killed pilots in Syria
"Russia might construe a move by Nato as a pretext for claiming to 'respond' with a limited nuclear strike"
Russian TV anchor Dmitry Kiselev todays monologue
Fire in Botkinska hospital in Moscow