Map. History of Russia conflict

18 February 2018


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A spokesman for the Kremlin says "Russia is being demonized"
Russia TV right now: "The whole history of mankind is the history of war! Let's rehearse in the Middle East!" (Applaus).
Russia TV right now: "We will deceive you in the West!" (Applaus).
Kremlin Spokesman: Russia Impatient With Trump Administration
Russia deploys more Italian-made Iveco LMV tactical vehicles to Syria.
Putin spokesman: Clinton advisers met with Russian ambassador "lots" of times
Russian Il-76 landing at Taganrog
Chemical plant "TolyattiAzot" is on fire in Tolyatti
Fire at Tolyatti chemical plant still not contained
[email protected]: WSJ: Authorities questioning contractors over CIA leaks
[email protected]: IETF releases statement on CIA leaks #Vault7
[email protected]: CIA virus creation rules show obsession with avoiding US attribution for its attacks and evading forensic analysis
[email protected]: RT @Timcast: PROBLEMS WITH SWEDISH MEDIA: via @YouTube
Russian diplomats finding out circumstances of death of citizen of the Russian Federation in Canada after police stop
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: Harvard finds computer flaws -- such as those @CIA hid from US companies -- are increasingly found by other hackers.
[email protected]: RT @radiopublicaEC: Descarga el libro Ecuador en la mira, de @e_vold y asómbrate con las revelaciones de #Wikileaks
[email protected]: Example of what hacking acceleration alone could do:
[email protected]: In light of CIA plans to hack car control systems an urgent study should be made of the assassination risk posed by different models #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: You are the WikiLeaks task force.
Russia and Egypt reached agreement on final protocol for Air Security
[email protected]: Julian Assange on Signal, Telegram and the New York Times
[email protected]: CIA: Virus scanner F-Secure a "lower tier product that causes us minimal difficulty"
[email protected]: CNN: @ggreenwald on CIA #Vault7
About 700 people came to Togliatti for a rally against repeal of benefits
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: Former CIA director Petraeus says US spies have damaged their relationship with Silicon Valley again #Vault7
[email protected]: Leaked video: Mormon Elders obsess on media-homosexual-WikiLeaks conspiracy
[email protected]: RT @Timcast: Last Night in Sweden: Talking the issues Sweden faces
[email protected]: Fefe: Attribuierung von Cyber-Angriffen war schon immer Bullshit
Credibility of Congress' Russia probes still in question
[email protected]: CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou & spy expert James Bamford talk to Tom Hartman about CIA #Vault7
Russia's ambassador to the UN, who collapsed in his office last month, died from a heart attack, officials say.