Map. History of Russia conflict

19 October 2017
[email protected] Wants Meeting with @POTUS, Putin to Solve Syrian Refugee Crisis
Russia FM Lavrov adopting Hezbollah role in Syria against ISIS AQ : "Washington Must Acknowledge Hezbollah Fighting Terror in Syria".
Russian TV tonight denies Moscow to return Snowden to US as 'gift' to Trump: "Russia doesn't trade in people. It doesn't buy or sell them."
Sen. @alfranken on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: "She was the least qualified nominee I’ve ever seen”
Sen. @alfranken: There needs to be an "independent investigation” into Trump’s relationship with Russia
"When there are no words" - at small Moscow protest against domestic violence law
Rare public dissent in Russia. Secularists protest against changing St Isaac's from state museum to Orthodox Church
Restaurant is on fire in St.Petersburg
Sergei Lavrov: Ukraine should return to the idea of decentralization
RUAF 85041 to Privolzhky Astrakhan. Possible next - group leader to Latakia
Training of Russian "Kantemirosvskaya" tank division
Alexei Navalny spoke at conference of Solidarity movement. Movement passed resolution to support Navalny in presidential election.
Lavrov: Appeal to the conscience of Kyiv meaningless. Ukrainians have painted themselves into a Russophobic corner and will not get out without pressure of Western donors
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov expects to talk to US counterpart Rex Tillerson on Ukraine and bilateral relations
Christ walk around St.Isaac Cathedral
Snowden uses report that Russia may turn him over as proof he is not spy
The spot next to the Kremlin where Boris Nemtsov was gunned down on a February night 2 years ago. Muscovites still bring flowers.
In Krymsk of Krasnodar region was funeral of Naynodin Alexey, who fought at Donbas earlier, and on 31 Jan was killed in Syria
Russia installs three new anti-missile radar stations at Orsk, Barnaul, and Yeniseysk. Now operational.
Russia tested new Uragan-1M MLRS
Russian Air Force An124 from Moscow to Kaliningrad
Reports on Snowden's extradition to U.S. as 'gift to Trump' speculation - Snowden's lawyer
Chita, Russia: Military vehicle capsized from truck today
Ukrainian writer Sergey Zhadan was banned from entering Belaus cause of ban in Russia
US intelligence has confirmed several details in the explosive dossier about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia
Russia eyes sending Snowden to the US as a 'gift' to Trump, official tells @NBCNews
[email protected]_Russia: No idea why British colleagues from @DefenceHQ consider shadowing even lone Rus.ships and warplanes such an important issue.
Russian President Putin welcomes Slovenia's offer to host a possible meeting with Donald Trump
US official has confirmed that National Security Advisor Flynn spoke to Russian officials about sanctions before the inauguration
Peskov: Flynn actually spoke with Russian ambassador Kislyak before inauguration, while information regarding sanctions is wrong