Map. History of Russia conflict

22 November 2017
Below $48. Oil #Brent lost $1 per two hours
Meeting began in Norman format in #Berlin
#Navalny announced a series of mass protests
Putin militants left Donetsk civilians without gas #ATO
#Russia, #Iran discuss aspects of talks on Tehran’s nuclear program
Media published a detailed map of the forces separation in Donbass
In the Donbass there are more Russian militants than ATO forces
The head of the GRU of Donetsk Republic General Petrovsky was attempted
Turkey provides 1.5 million biometrical ID cards for #Syrian refugees
More USA businesses shutting down than starting up
Tens of billions. It became known how much #Russia spent on trying to keep the ruble's collapse
#Savchenko decided to extend the strike for two weeks
Russian KP, circulation 500,000, saw no Unity March but dangerous crowds of "hypnotized", beer-drinking French.
The jeep with militants slammed into a route minibus in Donetsk. There are seriously injured.
The jeep with militants slammed into a route minibus in Donetsk. There are seriously injured.
Creating "conterpropaganda Russian-language channel" is contrary to freedom of speech, said the Russian FM
Information about checkpoints from the occupied territory of Donbass were told at the headquarters of ATO
"Komsomolskaya Pravda": "Have US organized terror attack on Paris?"
At Donetsk airport resumed fighting, - Headquarters ATO
The coy of assault regiment of the Russian armed forces was wiped out, 55 killed
#UN announced increased military activity at Donbass
An armed clash occurred near #Donetsk airport
Russian citizen smashed #Putin mask in a fit of anger at Prague
In Moscow, Russian authorities arrested people holding up #JeSuisCharlie signs
The proposal to create a Russian-language channel of antipropoganda was made at the summit in Riga
Snowden: "They talk about Russia like it's the worst place on earth. Russia's great."
Russia downgraded to BBB- from BBB by Fitch; outlook negative:
Police confiscated separatist's automatic rifle in Luhansk region #Donbass
Russian subversive group having been destroyed, - press center ATO
The militants of "LNR" shelled Stanytsia Luhanska, destroyed the sports school and damaged residential houses
Currentry fierce fighting in Stanytsia Luhanska