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20 กันยายน 2018

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[email protected]: RT @Timcast: PROBLEMS WITH SWEDISH MEDIA: via @YouTube
Russian diplomats finding out circumstances of death of citizen of the Russian Federation in Canada after police stop
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: Harvard finds computer flaws -- such as those @CIA hid from US companies -- are increasingly found by other hackers.
[email protected]: RT @radiopublicaEC: Descarga el libro Ecuador en la mira, de @e_vold y asómbrate con las revelaciones de #Wikileaks
[email protected]: Example of what hacking acceleration alone could do:
[email protected]: In light of CIA plans to hack car control systems an urgent study should be made of the assassination risk posed by different models #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: You are the WikiLeaks task force.
Russia and Egypt reached agreement on final protocol for Air Security
[email protected]: Julian Assange on Signal, Telegram and the New York Times
[email protected]: CIA: Virus scanner F-Secure a "lower tier product that causes us minimal difficulty"
[email protected]: CNN: @ggreenwald on CIA #Vault7
About 700 people came to Togliatti for a rally against repeal of benefits
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: Former CIA director Petraeus says US spies have damaged their relationship with Silicon Valley again #Vault7
[email protected]: Leaked video: Mormon Elders obsess on media-homosexual-WikiLeaks conspiracy
[email protected]: RT @Timcast: Last Night in Sweden: Talking the issues Sweden faces
[email protected]: Fefe: Attribuierung von Cyber-Angriffen war schon immer Bullshit
Credibility of Congress' Russia probes still in question
[email protected]: CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou & spy expert James Bamford talk to Tom Hartman about CIA #Vault7
Russia's ambassador to the UN, who collapsed in his office last month, died from a heart attack, officials say.
Turkey President Recep Erdogan paid his respects to the military personnel who died in WW2 at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Moscow.
TASS: Central Military district denies information about stolen nuclear warheads from Yekaterinburg military unit
Trump's connections to Putin's Russia, via former campaign manager Paul Manafort
[email protected]: RT @dw_business: The #CIA has access to all files, and can turn cameras on and off... to spy on each one of our lives, says #Wikileaks
[email protected]: Web Foundation issues statement on CIA hacking #Vault7
[email protected]: Former presidential candidate Ron Paul says that CIA revelations are a "fantastic" gift to liberty #Vault7
[email protected]: Notepad++ issues fix after CIA attack revealed in #Vault7
Russian military echelon in Rostov region
Russian army in Rostov region
[email protected]: RT @McAfee: In response to Tuesday’s #WikiLeaks dump we have released a detection tool for EFI rootkits: via @pcwor…
State Dept asked NYC Medical Examiner not to disclose cause of death of Russian UN ambassador who died last month
Putin: "We are going to establish a joint investment fund with Turkey."
Russian President Putin says his country perceives Turkey as their main partner during presser.
Putin and Erdogan to make a statement now
Russia's Rosneft CEO says head of Rosneft security service has left company
Russian-Turkish talks finished in Moscow
[email protected]: How Democrats learned to stop worrying and love the CIA (meanwhile, Republican support has declined 56 points).
Russian PM Medvedev blocked activist Navalny on Instagram after accusations in corruption
Rep. Ellison on the FBI's Russia probe: "I don't think the truth is going to be forthcoming"
[email protected]: RT @avilarenata: #FF @wikileaks #Vault7 Donate now so 1. They publish faster, only 1% out so far. 2. The publication is resilient.
LNR group: Ukrainian saboteurs prepared attack in Belgorod region(of Russia)
[email protected]: RT @foxandfriends: Showdown intensifies between WikiLeaks and the feds! Assange says WikiLeaks will work with tech companies as FBI looks f…
Putin and Erdogan in Moscow. Both Russia and Turkey Defence ministers in delegations. Extremely concerned faces everybody
Turkey Pres. Erdogan met Russia counterpart Putin in Kremlin
Putin - Erdogan meeting Began in the Kremlin. Putin: Nobody expected such close military cooperation between Russia and Turkey
Zakharov: Canada accompanies the supporters of a military solution to the conflict at the Donbass
[email protected]: RT @TheSunTech: Five nightmare scenarios which show why Wikileaks’ surveillance revelations are so terrifying
[email protected]: How the CIA dramatically increased proliferation #Vault7 risks
In Perm, Russia, students and pensioners protest against public transport subsidy cuts
[email protected]: RT @ArsTechnicaUK: Assange accuses #CIA of “historic act of devastating incompetence” by @thepacketrat #WikiLeaks h…
President Erdogan arrived in Moscow to meet Putin
CEO of VitrA Russia from Eczacıbaşı holding Salim Ozen, as well as Russians Alexander Vanin, Igor Kochergin, Lyudmila Churov and Elena Badraga were on the board of crashed helicopter
Putin's meeting with the head of ExxonMobil can be explained by the company's active work in Russia - Peskov.
Kremlin spox Peskov: Putin together with minister Novak and RosNeft chief Sechin met with ExxonMobil chairman Darren Woods
4 citizen of Russia were in helicopter that crashed in Istanbul
Deputy Chief of Russian national guard in Chechnya confirmed Ramzan Kadyrov assassination attempt took place in November
The helicopter belongs to Eczacıbaşı Group and passengers were high-level officials from the company.
[email protected]: GOP Senator Ben Sasse says WikiLeaks editor Assange should "spend the rest of his life wearing an orange jumpsuit"
Video from helicopter crash site in Istanbul
[email protected]: Pence claims US will use "full force of the law" against WikiLeaks (violating 1st Amendment) but not CIA or Clinton
[email protected]: VP Pence, showing contempt for the 1st Amendment, states US will use the "full force of the law" against WikiLeaks
Russia's sports minister Vitaly Mutko, who oversaw the doping programme, fails FIFA checks and is not allowed into FIFA council.
Ildar Dadin has been arrested in Moscow for a one-person picket outside the prison service headquarters, protesting against torture.
[email protected]: John F Kennedy and Bernie Sanders both called for breaking up the CIA #vault7
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