Map. History of Russia conflict

18 January 2018


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Fire in Moscow in military school
Russian child in ISIS video: "O Russian disbelievers... We will kill you and nothing will save you from that dog Putin".
Premier LiKeqiang met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tue., for talks aimed at strengthening China-Russia ties
Russia's Ministry of Defense claims a Dutch submarine was detected as it was trying to approach Russian ships in the Mediterranean
Picket outside Russia's prosecutor's office to stop torturing Ildar Dadin and cancel the law criminalising protests.
4 killed in plant collapse in Ekaterinburg
Putin: "We have been following this election closely."
Putin congratulates Trump. "Russia is ready and wants to restore full-fledged relations with the US. It won't be easy but we'll do our bit."
Putin, in telegram to Trump, says hopes to improve Russian-American relationship through "constructive dialogue" - Kremlin
Putin congratulates Trump on U.S. election victory
Russia's parliament just erupted in applause after Trump's victory was confirmed, per Interfax.
Molotov's grandson Vyacheslav Nikonov says a President Trump would be a victory for those left behind by US politics
Dugin pushes Russian alliance in parliament visit to AKP
Blue line of Moscow metro: all asked to out from trains
Sudden evacuation of trains in Moscow metro
Fire at Murmansk power plant
Fire at Murmansk power plant
Poroshenko on monument to St.Volodymyr near Kremlin: they are trying to steal our history
Helicopters flying over Moscow
Blackout in Murmansk after explosion at substation
Blackout in Murmansk after fire at Power Plant
Blackout in Murmansk after fire at Power Plant
Fire at Power plant in Murmansk, blackout in the whole city
A 63-year-old man plummeted to his death at the Russian Consulate on the Upper East Side
Moscow, Baumanska: a lot of police, 3 helicopters landed
Photos show K-300P 'Bastion-P' mobile coastal defence missile systems near Reutov, Moscow Oblast - Russia
On Nov 7 parade Russians re-enacted parade of 1941. Though, there was no parade in 1941. Units what were in Moscow went to the front.
"Clinton will surround us with nuclear missiles but Trump will recognise Crimea" Russian paper on US #Election2016
Russia threatens not to allow US observers to attend Russian elections.
Russian General Reshetnikov lost his position as head of NGO Strategic Study after failure of Montenegro coup.
Russian media cites 2 key figures frm Russia in Montenegro Special Ops. ЕР MP @Zheleznyak_S and head of NGO Strategic Study Reshetnikov.
Interfax: Gennady Zyuganov calls for restoration of USSR.