Map. History of Russia conflict

18 October 2017
Russia especially keen to renovate ex-Soviet naval base in coastal town of Sidi Barani,which used until 1972 to monitor US ships-Izvestia
Norway border fence on the border with Russia is under construction
Putin met Erdogan in Istanbul
Putin and Erdogan pledge deeper military contact after gas deal signed
Putin: We told the US the need to remove both sides from Castello Road to prevent provocations, but they do not want it or can't.
Putin announces lifting of sanctions on Turkish agriculture products - @AlArabiya_Eng
Putin announces opening of Russian market to Turkish ‘partners’
Interfax: NATO fighter jets escort Russian planes over the Baltic Sea twenty times in a week.
Il-76 from Sochi to Tahanrog
Russian withdraw Su-27 from Belarus
Video: drill with Russian battle robot Uran-9
ATO spokesperson: In Rivne, SBU detained a Russian spy
St.Petersburg governor Poltavchenko signed decree to guarantee 300g of bread for citizens every day in first 20 days of war and siege
Shoigu appointed Andrey Serdyukov as new commander of airborne troops
Putin still planning to visit France despite Hollande comments: Kremlin
Russian TV warns US: Kalibr missiles on Russian warships sent to Med can have nuclear warheads, as can Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad.
Russian state TV's Kiselev accuses US of provoking wars (Vietnam, Iraq) and warns: "Impudent behaviour towards Moscow has a nuclear dimension"
Opposition rally in Moscow at "Nemtsov Bridge"
Opposition rally on Red Square, Moscow
Lavrov: Moscow Sees Drastic Changes In Russian-American Relations - Interfax
Russian Admiral Kuznetsov in final preparation for future combat task in Syria, expected to leave Kola Bay on 13th October.
Ru Navy Grigorovich class frigate Admiral Makarov noted possibly yesterday at Baltiysk
Eight militants killed in shootout with police in Chechnya, criminal case opened - republic's Investigations Committee - RIA Novosti.
4 policemen were wounded in Gudermes district of Chechnya
Protesters at NATO 'peace with Russia' at Berlin rally
Meeting of "Volunteers" in Rostov
Movement of Iskander-M missiles to Kaliningrad region part of routine drills, says Russia defense ministry.
Russia says U.S. cyber attack claims fan anti-Russian hysteria
Interfax: Russian Foreign Ministry doesn't find confirmation of US accusations regarding hacking attacks.
RUAF strategic bombers noted airborne at 0853Z