Map. History of Russia conflict

17 November 2017
Russia - "Combat launches of “Iskander” to be held in Eastern Military District
1st Obama-Putin call since Aug
Minsk prepared for the tomorrows arrival of Putin
Police officers were forbidden to leave Russia
Russia Offers to Build Nuclear Power Industry for Egypt: Putin
Patriarch of Alexandria addressing Putin in Russian: May you have good health and live a long, happy life.
ZIL Moscow is burning in Moscow
Putin gifts Sisi an AK
Nadya Savchenko in court
#Cyprus strongly refuted the words of the Russians about military bases on the island
#Putin arrives in Cairo for talks with Egyptian leader. Says #Egypt is #Russia's 'old & trusted' partner
Biased Eng-language website @RussiaInsider Asking Russia for money
The judge, who investigating the death of a Russian soldiers, was charged in scam
[email protected]: rising prices threatened the plans of modernization of the armed forces
Employee of Moscow Patriarchate was arrested on charges of treason in Russia
Chocolate with a picture of Putin are sold in Yekaterinburg. Signature: Vova P., 60 years old
Putin criticize US-coalition airstrikes against IslamicState in Syria
European Union diplomats approved new sanctions against Russia
Ramzan Kadyrov ordered all his "volunteers" to immediately return from the Donbass to Chechnya
Shopping Mall "Ukraina" was renamed "Karina" in Nefteyugans'k, where many Ukrainians
Russian TV station, that dared to broadcast the truth, has stopped broadcasting
UK sends thousand military in the Baltic in response to the threat from Russia
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Cyprus has offered Russia to have air and navy bases on its territory
Egypt's state run newspaper Al-Ahram in the run-up to Putin's visit to Cairo this week.
Putin Putin everywhere in Cairo
Russian President Vladimir #Putin is scheduled to arrive in #Egypt for an official two-day state visit.
TASS: Putin, Hollande and Merkel continue the talks in the Kremlin. Conversation of leaders lasts for four hours.
Putin, Merkel and Hollande in the Kremlin began talks on the situation in Ukraine
The mayor of Vologda has suggested people should eat nettle
Merkel arrives in Moscow for Ukraine peace talks with Putin.