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25 กันยายน 2018

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The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow and Russian war in Ukraine
CNN EXCLUSIVE: Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.
Comey: Russians got far deeper and wider into DNC than RNC.
US Senators to Unveil Bipartisan Bill to Increase Sanctions Against Russia
Top intel Dem wants probe into possible contacts between campaigns, Moscow
4,000 US soldiers have arrived in Germany for what the Pentagon says is intended to send a clear message to Russia
“Confront where we must” but “cooperate where we can” with Russia, says @stavridisj
Russia admits death of artilleryman from Kazan in Syria in summer last year.
Russian Reserve funds dropped 2 times in December (from 2 032 billions rubles to 972 billions rubles)
Foreign currency cache reserves in Russian banks dropped to 4 years minimum, from $17.4B on 1 Jan 2015 to $5.4 on 1 Jan 2016
“We have to be concerned about what China and Russia are doing,” says @madeleine
Russian Special Flight Squadron Tu-214SR circling N-W to Tver
“Every country in the world…better start worrying about authoritarian capitalism,” says @JohnKerry
Kadyrov: Stalin led the Chechen and other peoples to the very edge of the abyss. Had he ever cursed
Russia's London embassy has put out statement "on the talk of impending official anti-Russian witch hunt in Britain"
More than 200 people in one Russian town sign a petition to rename a street from "Godless" to "Donald Trump Street"
Shoigu on words of Pentagon chief that Russia did zero in battle against ISIS: I could agree if my colleague hadn't mixed up the country.
Kremlin says US blacklist additions another move to degrade ties
Litvinenko murder suspect calls being on US blacklist 'absurd'
Israeli source citing Russian MoD, Egypt would send troops to Syria next week to observe the ceasefire.
"If the CIA is right and Russian hackers won the US election, maybe the CIA leadership should resign?" Today's Russian press on Trump/hacking.
Sanders: "I think the evidence is overwhelming" Russia was involved in the election
State Department spokesman John Kirby says Iraq WMD failure is no reason to doubt intel on Russia hacking
U.S. to Blacklist 5 Russians, a Close Putin Aide Among Them
Conway dismisses need for hack probe, says Trump may roll back sanctions on Russia
Kellyanne Conway dismisses need for hack probe, says Trump may roll back sanctions on Russia
Russia foreign ministry official says Russian authorities are 'certain' consul in Athens died from natural causes
Sweden's PM warns of country's security threats, especially "in light of Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea"
The Russian Consul died in Athens
Assange blasts 'embarrassing' US intel report, insists Russia not his source
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange calls U.S. intel's report on Russia "embarrassing"
Russia, WikiLeaks push back on U.S. report on hacking.
Russia slates 'baseless, amateurish' US election hacking report
Russian embassy tweets Pepe the Frog to mock U.S. and U.K.
Russia-Europe train travel got a lot easier. Five-day visa-free travel to Belarus for 80 countries.
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange says US intel report on Russian hacking has "literally 0" evidentiary weight.
Assange says "CIA's claim Russia started hacking DNC in 2015" is impossible because @realDonaldTrump was not a viable winner then"
Russia hits back at "unfounded" US election hacking allegations
Russian official: Obama undermined US democracy, not Moscow
US Embassy in Moscow halts giving out visas and all but emergency services due to flooding
House Intelligence Committee chair: Leak of Russia report was a "political rollout"
Photo shows large amount of Russian tanks and military vehicles in Rostov Oblast near Ukraine
Erdogan says Turkish - Russian ties stronger than ever
"This, at it’s heart, was not a cyber problem. It was a Russian problem," Fmr. CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden said on Russian hacking
Fmr. CIA director says President Obama should have been more forceful and more public about the Russian hacking
Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry: "If 'Russian hackers' hacked something in was Obama's brain and report on 'Russian hackers'"
Charlie Rose: Should the US have acted more aggressively against Russian hacking, earlier?nFmr. CIA director: Yes, we should have.
Russia Oil giant Rosneft about to leave Algeria altogether deeming projects there are not profitable anymore.
Russia engineered election hacks and meddling in Europe
Moscow says it wants to start work on a date for a meeting between President Putin and Donald Trump after Trump's inauguration
Hannity apologizes for tweeting "Amen" to "make Russia great again"
Putin spox can't say how closely the Russian prez read US intel report, but "nothing in it worth a detailed read."
Russia 'tired' of 'amateurish' US hacking intel: Kremlin
Russian Orthodox Church spokesman Chaplin says Russia should reinstate the monarchy and Putin should be emperor
France blocks 24,000 cyber attacks amid fears that Russia may try to influence French presidential election
Ex-PM of Ukraine Azarov wants to head "Ukraine government in exile"
Russia Cuts Oil And Gas Condensate Output By 1.2 Pct To 11.3 mln bpd As Of Jan 6 Vs Dec 29
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