Map. History of Russia conflict

23 January 2018


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Truck on fire near border of Ukraine
225 kgs of Turkish tangerines destroyed in Stavropol
225 kgs of Turkish tangerines destroyed in Stavropol
Russia will launch two times more ballistic missiles in 2016
Russian ex-airborne trooper Slava Korneev in Syria
SCD Continues Rescue Op. Aftermath Russia Airstrikes On Ma’aret al-Nouman
#Russia MoD: Il-76 and An-124 aircrafts made more than 280 sorties in #Syria in 2015 (13,750 tons of cargoes)
Office of road control system "Platoon" was set on fire in Kemerovo
Russia: In Belgorod doctor had beaten patient to death
#Russia cancels #nuclear training deal with Turkey
EMERCOM representative arrived at highway near Orenburg
Russians hold pickets in support of Ildar Dadin, the Russian activist sentenced for 3 years
A resident of Omsk has kidnapped 5 children and is threatening to blown up house
Ukrainian intelligence: Russian colonel Dmitry Bondarev is commander of militants near Novoazovs'k
Stratfor:The head of Federal Intelligence Service (GRU) Sergun died in Lebanon on 1.01.16 not Moscow suburb 01.04.16 as Kremlin declared
Russian Patriarch Kiril in "Christmas interview" supported the "defensive" war in Syria
Patriarch Kirill Names Lay Expert Who has Equated Liberalism and Nazism to Replace Chaplin
Unknown location
Russian «Pantsir» #Airdefense Systems and «Redut» Costal #Missile Systems deployed in the #Arctic
Russian Murmansk is out of natural gas supply
Putin visited the Christmas service in the village Turginovo of Tver region
Russian ruble exchange hit 75 rubles for 1 USD
Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic says that #Serbia will maintain good relations with Russia and the EU
#Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov Wed condemns #DPRK’s nuclear test as “flagrant violation” of int’l law and UN’s resolutions
Masha Drokova, 'girl who kissed Putin,' ex-Nashi spox, fears rise of nationalism in #Russia and new Nashi-like orgs.
#Nemtsov was killed on the third try, offenders
#Iran and #Russia DFMs Amirabdollahian & Bogdanov had a phone conversation over the quality of implementing recent agreements on #Syria.
Stratfor: The death of the military intelligence chief almost certainly has implications for the power struggle between Russia's security and intelligence services.
Almost 23 thousand residents of Dudinka left without electricity, heat and water. -18C outdoor
[email protected] flatly dismisses claim by Russia that its actions and expansion constitute a menace for Russia's security
#Russia appealed to #Hezbollah and urged it to calm the situation with #Israel
Russia plans to send new supply convoy to Donbass in 2nd part of January