Map. History of Russia conflict

18 October 2017
Military transportation in Valuyki, Belhorod region
Latest Russian airborne VDV drill simulated the capture of an airfield and then repelling counter attacks. Op included 2S25 SPG
Krasnodar region in Russia will have planned power blackouts so that Crimea can be supplied with electricity
At least 48 children from Russia identified in Mosul. Most lost parents, have no documents
Fire at trading mall in Moscow
Russian prosecutors want to send Ukrainian Artur Panov to prison for nine years for allegedly planning a terrorist attack.
DOD personnel warned against travel to Russia
Commision on Smolensk catastrophe: numerous destruction of left wing Tu-154M bear traces of explosion; Destruction of the wings started before the crash
Russia's Yandex, Sberbank announce e-commerce tie-up
An-124 group flew low over Pskov. Unlikely they landed. Now RTB Seshcha.
Group of three An-124 Seshcha-Pskov. Very unusual
Cancer patient in Murmansk kills doctor and commits suicide.
In Barnaul police detained the coordinator of Navalny campaign
Russia shutdown Kerch Strait
Russian swimmer Arkady Vyatchanin, an Olympic medalist, has taken US citizenship and will now swim for the United States
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke with Russian counterpart. They discussed issues of "mutual concern." No other details in statement
Putin and Medvedev watching a sambo tournament in Sochi.
Military echelon at Volzhska dam on 7 August
Military echelon at Volzhska dam on 7 August
On anniversary of the Russo-Georgian war, PM Medvedev has said Russia had to stop Georgian "barbarism" in 2008; it will always defend its citizens
Military echelon in Nerehta of Kastroma region
FSB director Bortnikov says that the Islamic State is still a threat to Russia's security
Tanks, helicopters, and MLRS: footage of the destruction of "militants" at the exercises in Tajikistan
Counter-terror drill in Yaroslavl
Ali Feruz's lawyer says he will be able to see his lawyers and relatives in the migrant detention centre, have phone about once every 3 days
RuAF strategic AF possibly active today with Tu95 - some cw signals noted
Ali Feruz is greeted with applause as he convoyed out of Moscow court suspending his deportation
TU-95 strategic bombers on low flight over Saratov
One Russian paper today laments "groundless hopes" that Trump's election would improve relations: "We drank champagne in vain." Video review
Military convoy in St.Petersburg
Military convoy in St.Petersburg
Military echelon with Buk at Samara
Military echelon with Buk at Samara