Map. History of Russia conflict

25 กันยายน 2018

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Russia Military Parade in Rostov-on-Don - Iskander M, Ikander TLV, Bastion-P
Russia Military Parade in Kaliningrad Europe - Bal/Bal-E and Bastion-P coastal defence missile systems.
Russia Military Parade in Kaliningrad Europe - Platforma-M Combat support/Patrol UGV.
Navalny to recover few months after eye surgery which took place in Barcelona
Putin takes part in the "Immortal regiment" in Moscow
Moscow, Givi and Mozgovoy today at "Immortal regiment"
Russia Military Parade in Khabarovsk - All-Russian patriotic movement "Yunarmiya" from Khabarovsk.
"Immortal regiment" rally in Moscow
S-300 launched at Russian Far East
Moscow, Russia: communist party banner reads, "We've overcome fascism, we'll also overcome capitalism"
The new 8×8 advanced chassis for the Platforma R&D program was displayed during a military parade in Naberezhnye Chelny on 9 May. This special wheeled chassis developed by the Special Vehicles Company (ZSA) facility part of JSC “Remdizel”
"Victory Day" military parade at Hmeimim base
Victory Day military parade at Hmeimim base
Naval parade is canceled in St.Petersburg
"Military Teenagers" at parade in Moscow
Ministry of Defense confirmed: there will be no planes at parade in Moscow
Putin: Russia will be always on peace side, with those who reject the wars
Military parade in St.Petersburg
Parade starts. Sergei Shoigu, Russia minister of defence
Tu-95 airborne from Engels - Saratov
Military parade in Murmansk
The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, at the Victory Parade on Red Square in Moscow
Pantsyr S-1 and other vehicles
Moscow is ready for parade
"Victory parade 2017" vehicles guide
A timeline of events surrounding Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is at the center of a major probe of Russia and the Trump administration
US President @realDonaldTrump signed a legislative act designating Crimea as illegally annexed by Russia
Asked if Putin has any assets in the United States, Clapper says he doesn't know.
Clapper calls for "counter-messaging the Russians, giving them a taste of their own medicine" - comparing it to countering ISIS.
"I think they're coming back" @SallyQYates says of Russian meddling "We have to do a whole lot more"
Senator Grassley: We have to punish Russia and we have to put an end to these shenanigans.
[email protected] asks was there assasination in US? What about M.Lesin in DuPont circle hotel?
ISIS Al-Furat video also contains scenes of apparently captured Russia servicemen Evgeny Petrenko and his execution. Video also shows 3 other prisoners speaking Russian.
ISIS al-Furāt Media Foundation released video in Russian language called "Complete bankruptcy" directed against Russia and its Military.
Former DNI Clapper makes reference to "Soviet," then corrects himself and says Russian. "Sorry, Freudian slip."
Sally Yates: “To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised by the Russians.”
Sally Yates: “We believed General Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians”
Yates says she told WH that Flynn wasn't being truthful about his conduct and could be at risk of blackmail by Russia
Yates: Russia will continue to develop capabilities to use against U.S. and we need to be ready to meet those threats.
Clapper: The Russians used cyber operations against both political parties
Graham just trolled Trump in his opening statement, saying it was Russia — not some “400-pound guy sitting on a bed or any other country”
Full Sally Yates opening statement - brief, does not address Michael Flynn
[email protected] Russia "apparently not going to stop unless somebody makes them," says @LindseyGrahamSC before testimony from fmr DNI Clapper, @SallyQYates
Lavrov to pay working visit to U.S. on May 9-11, to hold talks with Tillerson in Washington on May 10 - Russian foreign ministry
U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Washington D.C. this Wednesday, May 10
East Hama/Homs/Palmyra front: Mi-28 and T-90
Putin urges Macron to 'overcome mutual distrust' and 'join forces': Kremlin
Gazprom starts construction of Turkish Stream gas pipeline to Turkey
Putin, ahead of Victory Day celebrations, visited his former KGB boss from his time in Dresden in the late 1980s
"Turkish Stream" project construction in the Blacksea begins, according to statement by Gazprom.
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