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19 กรกฎาคม 2018

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General Prosecutor office of Russia says there were no Yanukovych letter to Putin or Churkin concerning deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine
Exercise Joint Viking 2017 takes place in Finnmark, north of Norway, near the Russian border. Picture below.
[email protected]: RT @hmKuldell: “The lesson here, first off, is that stockpiling a bunch of vulnerabilities is bad for cybersecurity.”
[email protected]: NSA staff used spy tools on spouses, ex-lovers. Think it takes a warrant? Nope, just somebody willing to do it.
[email protected]: Important journalism here by @ionacraig showing why @realDonaldTrump should should be skeptical of pentagon advice
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: Critical to investigate if, and for how long, CIA permitted the most popular US smartphones to remain vulnerable after learnin…
[email protected]: WikiLeaks press conference on CIA/Vault7/YearZero high quality audio recording also:
[email protected]: CIA claims "Assange is not exactly a bastion of integrity"—but he literally won the award for just that
[email protected]: Beloved free video player VLC ("VideoLan") issues statement about CIA #Vault7
Rep. Maxine Waters claims certain sex acts in an unsubstantiated Trump Russian dossier are "absolutely true"
[email protected]: Today CIA—which specializes in subterfuge—claimed "Julian Assange is not exactly a bastion of integrity" But:
Russian Kaspersky Lab says it eliminated vulnerability in products described by WikiLeaks a long time ago
#Squawk7700: 7J645 from Taraz to Moscow declared emergency
Amb @danbbaer: Russia's interference "the most successful Russian intelligence operation since the end of the Cold War."
Editor-in-chief of Norwegian publication Barents Observer banned from entering Russia due to considerations of state security.
Shooting at the bank in Moscow
Alexei Ivanov spent over 24 hours at the police station after arrest at Women's Day event in St. Petersburg.
German FM @sigmargabriel called for conventional disarmament during a meeting with Russian FM Sergei Lavrov
Russia's Labour Ministry is against using the reserve fund to pay salary arrears.
[email protected]: Press Conference on CIA Vault 7Thursday 9:45 a.m.Tweet questions at
Pres. Trump taps former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as U.S. ambassador to Russia, sources tell CBS News
[email protected]: WikiLeaks press conference today (Thursday) at 9.30am ET / 2.30pm GMT / 15.30 CET responding to CIA. Ask questions now with #askWL
Putin fired 10 generals after meeting with Internal Affairs ministry, penitentiary service, Investigative committee
RuAF An-148 RA-61729 Levashovo-Kaliningrad
[email protected]: Here is a zoomable map of the giant CIA hacker complex ("Consulate") in Frankfurt responsible for attacks on Europe
WTI oil falls below $50 a barrel for first time since December
[email protected]: RT @ReutersWorld: China expresses concern at revelations in Wikileaks dump of hacked CIA data
[email protected]: RT @foxandfriends: [email protected]_Kucinich: New WikiLeaks reveal proof we are sliding down the slippery slope toward totalitarianism
[email protected]: WikiLeaks #Vault7: where do we go from here?
Russia argues that Rome Statute is no place to look, as it does not deal with terrorism; "Court being misled"
Russia representative accuses Ukraine of distorting the words of Russia in the pleadings; quote on quote presentation
Today Russia is addressing ICJ in its surrebuttal at the 2nd round of oral observations
[email protected]: What the CIA does with its hacking capacity. hacks Senators to conceal reports on CIA torture (2014) #Vault7
[email protected]: US @SenFeinstein says that the CIA has little oversight of its hacking operations #Vault7
[email protected]: CIA statement on WikiLeaks publication of CIA docs. But note that WikiLeaks "Vault7-Year Zero" does not contain references to extremism.
[email protected]: Anti-virus maker announces fix after seeing CIA attack in #Vault7
[email protected]: Even the CIA hates flying United #Vault7
Roskomnadzor demands to block book "the FSB blows up Russia"
[email protected]: Former CIA+NSA director Michael Hayden blames "millenials" for CIA leak #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: FBI sets loose alleged child pornographer to prevent an open court from scrutinizing the lawfulness of FBI hacking.
[email protected]: Tech companies are saying they need more details of CIA attack techniques to fix them faster. Should WikiLeaks work directly with them?
[email protected]: Anti-virus expert says #Vault7 is already paying dividends in discovering CIA
[email protected]: Google says it requires more details of CIA exploits
[email protected]: Germany has released a statement saying it is taking CIA hacking "very seriously" because "these type of issues emerge....again and again".
[email protected]: How Fox News saw #CIA #Vault7
[email protected]: Microsoft calls for a Digital Gevena Convention #CIA #Vault7
Trump campaign approved national security adviser's Russia trip during election
[email protected]: RT @ftasia: Samsung looking into security of devices after WikiLeaks report
[email protected]: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft react to WikiLeaks #Vault7. Google stays quiet about the many vulnerabilities in Android
[email protected]: RT @WSJTech: New WikiLeaks documents fuel tension between intelligence agencies and the tech sector.
Intel chairman: "I don't believe" Russia meddled in election
Iranian Caspian Sea naval group visits Dagestan, Russia
[email protected]: Frankfurter US-Generalkonsulat soll Spionagezentrale sein #CIA #Vault7
[email protected]: View of giant covert CIA hacker base in Europe--the US "Consulate" in Frankfurt
[email protected]: Fox News or Noam Chomsky? What happens when Republicans understand the deep state works for the deep state #Vault7
Turkish Air Force A400M heading into Russian airspace
[email protected]: #Vault7 reveals that internet routers form US company Cisco are one of the top targets for CIA malware infestation
[email protected]: Former CIA boss Michael Hayden blames millennials for leaks #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @BazziNYU: THEY HEE-EAR! — NY Daily News front page on @wikileaks revealing CIA hacking
[email protected]: Eric Weinstein, managing director of (Peter) Thiel Capital, responding to CIA #Vault7
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