Map. History of Russia conflict

17 December 2017
Russia says U.S. cyber attack claims fan anti-Russian hysteria
Interfax: Russian Foreign Ministry doesn't find confirmation of US accusations regarding hacking attacks.
RUAF strategic bombers noted airborne at 0853Z
Russia's Kom.Pravda describes Trump's 2005 comments about women as "usual spiel, the kind of things men talk about"
A pair of U.S. Air Force B-2 bombers dropped two dummy variants of the B61 nuclear bombs in the middle of the Nevada desert within the past few days
New @WikiLeaks dump reveals 1000s of emails from @HillaryClinton campaign chair @johnpodesta
US to respond to Russian hack at 'time and place of our choosing': official
US blames Russia for election hacks, "only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities"
Full statement from the United States on Russia involvement throughout this election season
U.S. government says believes recent disclosures through WikiLeaks, DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 were directed by Russia
Russians will soon ban their diplomats from talking to John Kerry - Zakharova.
The speaker of the Chechen Parliament Daudov beat up the head of the Supreme court of the Republic in his office
Impunity for crimes against journalists in Russia must end, @OSCE_RFoM says on anniversary of Politkovskaya’s death
'Putin Peacemaker' banner disappears as quick as it appeared
Russian nationals arrested in Denver on charges they helped send military technology to Russia
Finland reports Russian Su-27 violates its airspace.
RUAF VHF traffic in the Gulf of Finland - poss multiple fighter aircraft
A U.S. citizen and two Russians were arrested on charges relating to alleged illegal export of military technology
Large banner praising Vladimir Putin hung from Manhattan Bridge
Someone just hung up a Vladimir Putin poster at the Manhattan Bridge.
France warns Russia that ‘nothing can justify’ assault on Syria’s Aleppo
Chechen dictator Kadyrov plans to host more child MMA fights. His promotion is now recruiting children aged 10-15
Russian Mindef: Syrian army pose S-200 and Buk AD systems
The relatives of the four residents disappeared last week in Machachkala, Dagestan, protesting for the second day
Former DNR group minister claims Moscow is directly bankrolling the DNR and LNR groups
Valuev supported Emelianenko, called children fights inappropriate
Kremlin is not aware of new possible Syrian sanctions
Russia will decide on time frameworks for calling NATO-Russia Council when partners' "forms and ideas" are stated on paper - Russian FM
Russia: Duma so far not planning to resume contacts with US Congress - International Affairs Committee Head
Shoigu says that Russian weapons have shown their reliability and effectiveness in Syria.