Map. History of Russia conflict

20 October 2017
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg Says Russia Trying to Split Alliance
Russia disrupts natural gas supply to Turkey
Citizen killed in the terrorist attack in Jaffa-Tel aviv Israel, is a Russian tourist, his wife was seriously injured
Russian MFA spox Zaharova in Facebook post on Savchenko blaming US in kidnapping of foreign citizens, inderectly admitting that Savchenko was kidnapped
Ukrainian consulate in St.Petersburg was attacked with flares and eggs
57 MEPs have written to Mogherini urging her to blacklist Putin + 28 citizens of Russia for their handling of Nadiya Savchenko
Selfie fail leaves teens stranded on ice floe in Amur Gulf
Russian MFA on Kerry statement: no words on Savchenko in Minsk agreements, it's a pressure on court
The Russian Foreign Ministry doubted that Kerry statement on Savchenko is actually belongs to him
In Moscow at demo in support of Savchenko were detained about 20 people
Arrests en masse now at Savchenko protest. 80 gathered here - maybe 30 arrested to now. Men, women, elderly.
Poroshenko: Consul of Ukraine in Rostov, met with Nadezhda Savchenko. We continue to fight for her release
[email protected]: As we mark Int'l Women's Day, we stand with Nadiya and the Ukrainian people. We call on Russia to drop all charges & release her at once
"Riga market" was evacuated in Moscow cause of suspicious package
Banners in Moscow "Live!"
Google Earth seems to show Russian S300 missile launchers next to Ukrainian border 5-9-2014
Five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova announces she failed a drug test at the Australian Open.
Bank in Nizhniy Novhorod banned man who supported terrorists at Donbass cause Myrotvorets website
Bank in Nizhniy Novhorod banned man who supported terrorists at Donbass cause Myrotvorets website
Londoners protest against illegal detention of Ukrainians in Russian prisons #FreeSavchenko #FreeSentsov
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoaxAny high level at
Finland reports radiation alert in Helsinki, Caesium level 1000 times higher than normal levels - local media
It's propaganda
"The so-called investigative journalism of @bellingcat distort objective facts", - Russian defense Ministry
RuAF strategic air force HF-net active
Zhirinovsky: we need to recall our ambassador and send SOF to protect our Embassy in Kyiv
In new video ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Dagestan
Twitter Reports Massive Increase in Russian Government's Content Removal Requests
Pro-Kremlin rally now in Moscow repeating familiar slogans abt fascists in Ukraine, adding "Savchenko is a murderer"
Crowd throwing eggs into Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow
Suicide bomber (istishhadi) Abu Abdurrahman who executed the 15 Feb attack in Dzhemikent, Derbent Daghestan
Amir Abu Abdullah asks Muslims to join the war in the ranks of the Caliphate as mujahidin
Abu Yasir asks Muslims not to leave Russia and to unite in a fight against kuffar in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other cities