Map. History of Russia conflict

23 February 2018


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In Lugansk partisans are transporting medicine from Russia by smuggling
Only two wounded Ukrainians in #Donbass during 24 hours, - Headquarters #ATO
People bring flowers and candles to the French Embassy in Moscow
Tragedy in Paris shows Russia poses no threat to Europe — Russian MP
It seems one of the Paris attackers is talking Russian "don't touch him, he's done"
It seems one of the Paris attackers is talking Russian don't touch him, he's done
BNP Paribas says Russia no longer has enough reserves to cover external debt. Derivatives flash default warnings
Attack on gay club in southern Russia, four injured, one hospitalized
Medvedev, with his children
Putin in Voronezh
#Christmas Mass in Moscow
Fourth Russian General [Anatoly Kudryavtsev] Commits Suicide in Less Than a Year
"Don't put brother because he's a brother. Do not put other because he's a friend" #Manezhna
In the center of Moscow held a picket in support of political prisoners
Rally at Manezhna square. Better Maidan than Tahrir
Russia's 5Y CDS jumped 63 basis points to 601 basis points today, highest since March 2009.
Russian censorship in one screenshot. Top - removed from the registry sites, below is added.
Cars near #Mariupol were blew up the staff of the Russian security services
Cars near Mariupol were blew up the staff of the Russian security services
Rally in support of prisoners in Moscow
[email protected] goes to shop for milk with 3 policemen
Putin to visit Budapest in March. Last visit was in 2006.
8-year-old student was killed in a school bus accident due to frost on the road in the northwestern province of Karabük
Infographic by @openrussia_org: Map of Russian regions where Russians hail from who were Killed in Action in #Ukraine
Map on 6th January: Fire in the Donbass continues
Antigovernment protest in #Togliatti
The criminal case was opened against the Russian resident for posts about Ukraine in social networks
Law enforcers arrested the partisan who carried out reconnaissance and sabotage in the rear of the ATO forces
Journalist Tymchyk reports that Russian tanks fired on Ukrainian positions near Donetsk airport and Russia are deploying new artillery batteries in the city
Interesting: for Russians, #borsch is Ukrainian, for tourists it's Russian. #GUM #Moscow
The CEO of one of Russia's hottest hedge funds has vanished – along with investors' cash
Savchenko shouted "Glory to Ukraine!" while entering the courtroom in Moscow