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20 กันยายน 2018

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Kremlin-friendly Life News makes a surprise attack on Russian PM Medvedev and his collection of pricey watches
Speaker Ryan reacted to Trump/Putin mtg in WI today: "It comes as no surprise to me that Putin would deny what we know they did."
Ex-acting Attorney General Sally Yates slams President Donald Trump's "inexplicable refusal" to confront Russia
Schumer on Trump/Putin mtg and Russian hacking issue: "For Secretary Tillerson to say that this issue will remain unresolved is disgraceful"
As Angela Merkel and Putin spoke in Hamburg, some quickly noticed an expressive facial reaction from the German chancellor.
Putin came late but got in for the concert. Aisle seat.
Trump and Putin did not set a date for their next meeting, says Tillerson, but subordinates will be working on the non-interence agreement.
Tillerson says Trump and Putin "had a pretty good exchange" on North Korea. Despite differences, both support a de-nuclearized peninsula."
Trump did NOT accept Putin’s claim of non-interference in election, a senior administration told @Acosta in contrast to Lavrov comment
Tillerson called the US/Russia relationship "very complicated." He said the talks ran so long because "there was so much to talk about."
"Just about everything got touched on to one degree or another," says Tillerson of @POTUS-Putin meeting today.
US-Russia working-level group to be set up on cyber, confirms Tillerson.
Tillerson says Trump and Putin didn't see much value in "relitigating of the past" and want to start making the US-Russia relationship work.
"These are the ones who insulted you?" Putin to Trump as he points to reporters
Russian media says Trump thanked Putin, in Russian
"People are getting, they're getting weary of the conflict" in Syria, says Tillerson
US, Russia stances on election interference "may be an intractable disagreement," adds Tillerson.
Admin official disputes FM Lavrov's assertion that Trump accepted Putin's assurances that Russia didn't meddle in US election.
"How do we move forward from here?" is what US, Russia should focus on, says Tillerson. "What do we do now?"
Tillerson said Trump and Putin "connected very quickly" and he observed "a positive chemistry" between them.
Tillerson: Trump/Putin discussed hacking, Putin denied; “I think what the 2 presidents, I think rightly, focused on is how we move forward…”
Putin shows up a little late for the G20 Summit concert.
Tillerson says Pres Trump pressed Putin about election interference matter. Decided to "go forward" and seek commitment on non-interference
Tillerson says Russians "asked for proof" of US charges they interfered in 2016 election. Will leave it to US intelligence to provide.
"They sent in the First Lady at one point to see if they could get us out of there. That didn't work." - Tillerson on Trump/Putin meeting
Tillerson: "There was a very clear positive chemistry between the twoThere was not a lot of relitigating things from the past."
Putin's denial of election interference is a hindrance to moving the US-Russia relationship forward, Tillerson tells press in Germany.
Tillerson says Trump and Putin discussed current and future U.S.-Russia relations
Putin says he discussed “cybersecurity” with Trump
State Dept officials say the Trump/Putin talks ran 2 hr 16mins. nearly four times the 35 mins originally planned. Awaiting briefing.
Trump/Putin meeting has concluded. Ran over two hours, far longer than planned. Awaiting readout from officials.
As Trump and Putin meet in Germany (AP) — AP sources: US, Russia prepared to announce cease-fire in southwest Syria starting Sunday.
Per pool, Trump-Putin meeting is still taking place, nearly an hour and a half later. Was scheduled to last for 30 minutes.
Others in the Trump/Putin meeting were Secy of State Tillerson, Foreign Minister Lavrov, and one translator per side.
Putin said he and Trump have spoken on the phone several times," but phone conversation is never enough." Hopes talks "build toward results."
[email protected]: "President Putin has been studying people for a very long time as a KGB agent."
Video from the photo opportunity with @realDonaldTrump and Russian President Putin, ahead of their meeting
Russian President Putin says he's "delighted" to meet President Trump personally: "I hope as you have said our meeting will yield positive results."
"I think it's going very well," @POTUS reports of his first in-person talks with Putin. Looks forward to "positive things happening."
“I’m delighted to meet you,” Putin replied to Trump
"Its an honor to be with you," President Trump tells Russian President Putin.
President Trump: "We look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia, for the United States."
President Trump shakes hands with Russian President Putin ahead of their high-stakes meeting in Hamburg, Germany.
Trump gives Putin a pat on the back
Russian Special Flight Squadron Tu214SR Comms Relay plane orbiting around St Petersburg
Pres Trump sharing some words with Merkel and Macron; while someone whispers to Pres Putin.
Lots of schmoozing going on in advance of summit session.
Both Trump and Putin in front row: Pres Trump on far left, Putin 4th from the right. Summit Host Merkel in the middle.
Pres Trump and Pres Putin stroll with other leaders but not with each other on their way to G20 Leaders Class Photo in Hamburg.
Putin and Trump at G20 summit in Hamburg
Russia energy ministry says ready to consider proposals on changes to global deal to cut oil production, if necessary
Trump, Putin in first handshake at G20 summit: Kremlin
At the G20 Kremlin spokesman says Trump and Putin "shook hands and said they'll see each other soon" for the bilateral talks
Germany's @Siemens set up a commission to investigate reports of possible Crimea sanctions
Putin fired Lieutenant general Yuriy Sich, who was responsible for storing Russian Nuclear weapons
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Anonymous memo is circulated around Moscow political circles suggesting Putin will not run for re-election in 2018
Explosion at mine in Noril'sk, there are dead
Red Carpet ready at G20 in Hamburg where Trump to meet Putin for first time today. Side meetings and crisis management dominate
"Will Trump get a sense of Putin's soul?" asks one Russian paper. Another calls their meeting today "the moment of truth".
Putin's Russian Special Flight Squadron IL96 airborne from Moscow VKO and heading to Hamburg
In Perm detained the coordinator of the local headquarters of the Navalny campaign
Trump on Russian meddling: 'Nobody really knows for sure'
White House announces Trump-Putin face-to-face set for 3:45p local/9:45a EST tomorrow. Scheduled for 30 minutes.
@NBCNews confirms likely only 6 people in room for Friday's Trump-Putin meeting: Tillerson, Lavrov and translators, per official.
Kremlin says terrorism, Syria and Ukraine will top its agenda for Putin-Trump meeting
Police blocked Alexey @Navalny's campaign offices in Moscow and 3 other cities across
Police accompanied Navalny Moscow HQ employee to hospital, where he's being checked for injuries from a beating before being tried.
President Trump @POTUS about Russia
A transformer explosion at an electrical substation in Tomsk
A transformer explosion at an electrical substation in Tomsk
A day before his meeting with Putin, Pres Trump also called on Russia to end its support for "hostile governments, including Syria and Iran."
Pres Trump also used his Warsaw speech to again urge Russia "to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere."
Was Russia solely responsible for campaign meddling? "Nobody really knows," Trump said.
Trump downplays meddling before Putin meeting.
President Trump criticizes Obama's reaction to Russian interference in election: "Why did he do nothing from Aug. all the way to Nov. 8th?"
Trump and Putin will seek common ground over Syria, says U.S. State Secretary Tillerson
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