Map. History of Russia conflict

24 February 2018


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One of 2 Russian military satellites launched yesterday from Plesetsk failed
Volunteers helping protesting truckers. Already funded almost for $1k
Provocateurs helping police to distract protesting truckers at Khimki
Khimki: police not allowing new trucks to enter parking lot
Moscow's Ostankino TV center is on lockdown cause bomb threat
Dam is closed in St.Petersburg cause of storm and heavy waves
The biker "Surgeon" urged the truckers to bear the fees, because the country needs money
#Soyuz-2-1v rocket lifts off from #Plesetsk with hash-hash #KanopusST
Russia says U.S. officially refused to provide guarantees for Ukraine's liabilities
Russian defense Ministry accused the United States on the protection of oil smuggling in Turkey
Russian Consumption Watchdog advice citizens not to travel abroad for New Year Holidays
President Erdogan says Turkish Stream has been shelved by Turkey because Russia has not met its conditions
President Erdoğan: We do not approve of Russia's attitude in escalating tensions [after downing of jet]
Anti-"Platon" rally in Ekaterinburg
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Four #Russia-n ships blocked in Turkish port Samsun
Rally of Truckers in Ufa
Truckers on the M4 highway on the way to Moscow
#OSCEMC15 Ambassador Prokopchuk: Russia must cease aggression against Ukraine, occupation of Crimea, the escalation of in the East
APCs in Moscow tonight
APC at Moscow ring road
Truck drivers making protest camp
In St. Petersburg, Putin statue was made with a chocolate
European Court of Human Rights slams Russia for large-scale phone tapping
#SoyuzTMA18M is transported to a launch pad at the Russian-leased Baikonur
Russian parliament declared Russian laws over International
Military and riot police on the way to demo of truckers in Moscow
Riot police came to the site of truckers protest in rural Moscow
People Have To Go By Foot, Cause Of Moscow Ring Road Shut Down
Truckers shut down Moscow ring road
Traffic police also on the site of shut downing Moscow ring road