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20 กันยายน 2018

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Russia will achieve 300,000 b/d cut by end of April, will not decide on extending OPEC/NonOPEC deal until mid-year: Russia's Novak
6 detained in St.Petersburg at rally against PM Medvedev corruption
[email protected]: RT @wikileaks: Editorial: WikiLeaks has never communicated with Roger Stone as we have previously, repeatedly stated
Moscow Garrison Military Court detained former Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry, Vyacheslav Varchuk in bribery case
[email protected]: WikiLeaks on Roger Stone:
Alexei Navalny meets supporters on the streets of Nizhny Novgorod as someone blocked the entrance to his headquarters.
Playboy model says she was grilled by US agents over alleged KGB ties
EU approves Hungary's Russian-backed nuclear plant
"Acts of terrorism and armed conflicts are not mutually exclusive" Ukraine vs Russia in ICJ case
Montreal Convention recalled at Ukraine's pleading, for MH17 shot down as a terrorist act at #ICJ case vs. Russia
"Russia failed to stop others from financing terrorism from its territory, both directly and indirectly" Ukraine vs Russia in #ICJ
Russia Allegedly Violates #TFC And Doesnt Meet Its Obligations Under The Convention; Ukraine A Victim Of Russian Sponsorship Of Terrorism
"First time terrorism financing convention covered at UN's highest court" - Ukraine accuses Russia of state sponsored terrorism
Ukraine is bringing claims under Art. 8, 9, 12, and 18 of the #TFC, Ukraine vs Russia in ICJ case
Kremlin says it is seriously worried about North Korea missile drills
"Ukrainian media, language and culture is suppressed along with Tatar languages in Crimea" - Ukraine in ICJ
"Russia has been even less shy in its violent actions in Crimea" Ukraine's ICJ case vs. Russia
"Russia has made it impossible for Ukrainian citizens to feel safe anywhere in their country." - Ukraine outlines "campaign of terror" #ICJ
Ukraine asks ICJ to hold Russia accountable under the "Terrorist Financing Convention"
"Russia backed groups have indiscriminately attacked residential areas and civilians" Ukraine's ICJ case vs. Russia
"MH17 shoot down was an attack on humanity. People senselessly murdered. Among them infants. Just the beginning..."
Russian woman detained in connection with Russian Ambassador assassination in Turkey
Ukraine brings up the JIT's statement that Russia provided a Buk that shot down MH17 at the #ICJ
"Russia supported militia ruthlessly shot down the MH17 flight, an attack on humanity" Ukraine, #ICJ case vs. Russia
"Major Russian banks serves as conduit to support terrorism in Ukraine" Ukraine's ICJ case vs. Russia
Ukraine doesn't seek relief over Russian aggression, nor a confirmation of its sovereignty; this has been achieved by Int. Community #ICJ
'Russia is erasing non-Russian cultural identities' in occupied Ukrainian territories - Ukraine at ICJ making case against Russia
Navalny HQ in Nizhny Novgorod was attacked by thugs
In Oserzsk of Chelyabinsk region there was a funeral of 23y.o Ivan Slyshkin killed in Syria on 12 Feb by sniper
[email protected]: Did media/intelligence mislead Trump with fake spy stories? Or was reporting accurate and his campaign was spied on?
[email protected]: RT @ProfessorsBlogg: The new geopolitics of Sweden: Feminism, arms exports to dictatorships, & NATO. Its impact in the #Assange
Russia responds to NATO moving its military equipment towards Leningrad/Novgorod Oblast near Finnish and Estonian border
Lewandowski claims Obama WH listened in on Sessions, Russian envoy meetings
Both @SenTomCotton and @ChrisCoons tell they have seen no hard evidence of collusion between "Trump World" and Russians to effect election
[email protected]: on evidence of collusion between Trump campaign and Russia to effect election: I’ve seen no evidence...
Russian TV today paints picture of chaos/potential revolution in US: "Hatred sweeping US combined with available firearms there is worrying"
Trump links to Russia by Washington Post
Netanyahu to meet Putin, says Iran seeks permanent foothold in Syria
Trump reportedly puts possible Russia deal on hold, citing recent provocations
[email protected]: Obama has a history of tapping & hacking his friends and rivals #NSA #PRISM #Merkel #Sarkozy #BanKiMoon #WTO #Trump
Navalny to open presidential campaign HQ today in Kazan', where yesterday protesters attempted to storm local government office
A top Russian diplomat calls the US uproar over Russia ties a "witch hunt"
Trump reportedly unhappy about Sessions' recusal from Russia investigations
[email protected]: Comment: @AP is right to publish @VP Pence emails. But Pence, as a husband, is also right to complain about it. Each plays a different role.
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