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24 กันยายน 2018

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Obama: US will spend time to determine 'exactly' what brought down Russian plane; 'possibility' there was a bomb
Anti-war demo In St. Petersburg. Girls washed blood from soldiers t-shirts
Russia grounds all Boeing 737s "until joint notification from Rosaviatsia and FAA" that planes are safe.
Security Council of RF: "Ukraine calls Russia enemy, but continue to pipe our gas and oil"
All Grounded. Aeroflot: 12 Boeing 737. Sibir: 13 Boeing 737-800. Globus: 13 Boeing-737 NG. Transaero: 47 Boeing 737. UTAir: 50 Boeings
Russian security Council: Ukraine took a course on militarization and escalation on border with Russia
Fox News quoting #USA official: We have evidences #ISIS planted an IED on-board the #Russia|n plane crashed in #Sinai
Russia has deployed BUK-M2E ( SA-17 Grizzly ) SAM in Syria
President Putin thinks he's "Vladimir the Great," Condoleezza Rice says
#Transaero's current revenues and debts
Explosive device found on the railway near Voronezh
Putin promised to protect the interests of "compatriots" in Syria, Libya and Yemen
Two were wounded in a shooting in the market "Mill" in Moscow
RUS Aviation chief: investigation to look for signs of "possible terrorist attack" on crash plane. But stresses "too early" to establ.cause
Kremlin media suggest the A321 was shot down by a missile fired by Israeli or U.S. aircraft
Tractor in Pulkovo broke Airliner A321 "Kogalymavia" rack mountable chassis, passengers evacuated
Ex. PM of Ukraine Azarov: Blame Obama, not Putin in the price of potatoes in Kyiv
The tow truck broke the front chassis of the aircraft "Kogalymavia" in Pulkovo
Nemtsove Lawyers demand to to interrogate the former Putin security officer
The representative of the RF in SCCC: DNR has completed the withdrawal of weapons
First edition of the new, weekly @MoscowTimes under @kudriavtsev stewardship begins today
US official: Early intelligence suggests bomb brought down the Russian airliner.
US officials believe Islamic State militants planted the bomb on Russian flight #7K9268 that crashed in Sinai peninsula
UK say Russian airliner that crashed in #Egypt 'may well have been brought down by explosive device'
Ukrainian 'plotted terror attack on Russia's London embassy' - @BBCWorld
Putin signed the law about the arrest of foreign property "on the principle of reciprocity"
Putin and Patriarch Kirill laid flowers to the monument to Minin and Pozharsky
Buses with military at Russian march
Russian March on the October pole square: "Our MiGs will get in Riga! Our tanks will be in Prague!"
The slogan: "Freedom to political prisoners", "Change Belov on Serdyukov" - Russian March in Lublino
Rally of friends of the "Novorosiya". Nazis: Russian national unity, Kolovrat, "National social justice"
90% of the population support Putin came to "NOD" meeting in St. Petersburg. 150 people with journalists
Rally for DNR and LNR and the "Russian world". "We are a constructive opposition"
One nationalists was detained by police
"We don't need your multiculture" - Russian march in Moscow
Russian nationalists shout: "Only Rus' and only victory," "Glory to the nation", "Russia is Europe", "the Russians are coming".
"Russians against war with Ukraine". Russian march in Moscow
Russian nationalists march with icons and "imperial" flags
#Hezbollah: The cooperation between us, #Iran, and #Russia is Unprecedented
"Russian unity day" in Ugra
"Russian unity day" in Ivanovo
"Freedom!" "Putin!" - "Unity march" in Moscow
"We demand to investigate Coup d'état of 1991" - "Unity march" march in Moscow
10 feared dead after Russian AN-12 cargo plane crashes near #Juba airport in #SouthSudan
Flag of Syria at Pro-Putin march in Moscow
Cargo plane with #Russian crew crash-lands in S. Sudan, up to 10 reported dead
"Russians of all countries to unite"
"Russian March" in Lublino
19-year-old driver of Porsche has made a massive crash on the Crimean bridge in Moscow
Biker "Surgeon" with banner "will gnaw for grandfather" in Moscow
"Unity march" in Ulyanovsk
"Russians are coming" - March in Moscow
In North Ossetia detained police, suspected of beating detainee to death
A lot of "United Russia" ruling party "supporters"
"Help Putin to restore Russia"
"Lets start the cleansing of 5th column(traitors)" - Pro-Putin/nationalists rally in Moscow
"For Putin, Sovereignty, Referendum" - rally in Moscow
Nationalist/Pro-Putin rally in Moscow: "USA is Terrorist #1"
Nationalist march in Moscow
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