Map. History of Russia conflict

19 กันยายน 2018

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US military says it has penetrated Russia's electric grid, telecommunications network and Kremlin command system
All 50 US states have now asked DHS for help against election hacking, as Russia pursues "information operation" to undermine vote
RU Navy exercise (training flights, rocket test firings) will take place in area (on the pict.) Nov,10-15 + Nov,17-22, daily 0500-2100z
Protest near UK Embassy in Moscow "hands off our diplomats"
Reuters finds an email it sent to Surkov in #SurkovLeaks, further validating their authenticity
Putin aide Dudin: Let's return Crimea to Ukraine, and occupy the whole Ukraine
Lawyer Mark Feygin protesting detention of Ukrainian journalist Suschenko near FSB
Russian politicians and DNR group flag today in Moscow
"Russia for Russians" - march of nationalists in Moscow
Karelia: police detaining activists who came to support Eldar Dadin in jail
"Ex-minister of DNR" Strelkov at rally on Suvorovska square in Moscow
Rally with Strelkov at Suvorova square in Moscow
Putin: This statue is a mark of respect to our leading forefather. Vladimir in history forever as gatherer and defender of Russian lands.
Rally of nationalists in Lyublino: will change Demushkin for Putin
Russian authorities opened monument to Kyiv's prince Volodymyr
Lyublino: "Russians against war with Ukraine"
In Lyublino march of about 1000 nationalists
Lublino: "Russia is for Russians, cancel 282. Enough to feed the terrorists"
Speeches from Bondarchuk, Putin, Patriarch at the opening of the Vladimir the Great monument in Moscow. Nobody said the word "Kyiv".
March in Lyublino chanting "Russia without Putin"
March in Lyublino
Russian national socialists gathered together in a suburb in the outskirts of Moscow.
Russian march in Lyublino: "National-Socialism is a struggle for new State"
Another nationalists march, in Moscow's suburb of Lyublino, this time anti-Putin
Russian Nazis march in Lyublino
November 4 Russian Nationalists march in Central Moscow
4th November nationalists march in Moscow. Banner "Allow Putin to purge traitors"
Pro-USSR protesters at Nationalists march in Moscow
4 suspected militants killed by police in Dagestan last night
Motorway near Rostov-on-Don, Russia, towards Ukraine - Novoazovsk. Picture taken 2 days ago.
Protest in support of Eldar Dadin, who is being tortured in Russian prison, in St.Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg, Russia now: "FreeDadin. Torture prisons-Putin's Gulags today"
"V.V." sent Surkov an unpublished edition of amendments to Ukraine's constitution introduced by "rebels" not long before
Russia's "human rights ombudsman" Tatyana Moskalkova published a picture of her meeting with Ildar Dadin in prison.
«Slavic Brotherhood»: Russian and Belarus paratroopers arrived in Serbia for drill
Photo: Kuznetsov towing "Dubna class" tanker
On December 24 2014, "Donetsk Republic parliament speaker" Denis Pushilin sent Surkov a peace roadmap based on 1st Minsk Agreements.
Putin signs order to grant Steven Seagal Russian citizenship
#SurkovLeaks (part 2): hacktivists publish new email dump
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