Map. History of Russia conflict

22 November 2017
Restaurant "Bel'etazh" is on fire In the center of Moscow
UK releases more private Prince Charles letters to ministers
The biggest Russian ISP Rosetelecom blocked @thedailybeast
The MiG-29 in Astrakhan region fell due to the explosion on the board
Russian Bomber Su-34 capsized near Voronezh
The Pope will meet with Putin
In Volgograd region soldier opened fire on his colleagues
On TV "Rain" they say that all the senators sit in the Federation Council, and they are not allowed to go anywhere out of the building
Russian MiG-29 fighter jet crashed in the area of the Ashuluk, Astrakhan region
The drunk inhabitant of Kuzbas broke a statue of Lenin, trying to make a selfie
On the Leningrad highway of Moscow burning building that housed the yacht club
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Rumor: "RU Federation council plans to announce annexation of Transnistria"
Kadyrov: rights activists provoked smashing up of their office,car 2 “get new American grants”
YouTube unblocked the film "the Family" about Ramzan Kadyrov
2 helicopters over center of Moscow to North-west
#Russia(n) Ruble starts panicking with #Putin forces attacking #Mariinka
After the massacre in Grozny detained 40 people
Grozny: human rights defenders jumped out of the window, escaping from the thugs with sledgehammers
Police evacuated metro station "Dobryninskaya in Moscow
Emergency: a fire at a military warehouse in Bashkiria began when disposing of gunpowder
Peskov: Putin will be reported on the pogroms in Grozny, when I get the details
Russia preparing for 2018 World Cup despite Blatter's resignation, Kremlin says #AFP
The rioters smashed the car of the Committee against torture in Chechnya. Broke into the office
Commitee against turture @pytkam_net is under attack in Grozny Chechnya
#YouTube has blocked film about #Kadyrov
Kara-Murza came out of the coma.
Emergency services of the Moscow confirmed information about downed helicopter
EMERCOM of Russia not confirmed information about crashed helicopter Mi-8 in Moscow
Helicopter Mi-8T crashed in Moscow
Gazprom says China starts building part of Power of Siberia