Map. History of Russia conflict

23 October 2017
.@wikileaks: Tracey: The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump
Russian Navy AGI Spy Ship Viktor Leonov reported 150mi(nm) SE from Naval Station Mayport March 2; which is right beside Cape Canaveral
In Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, depositors of bankrupt local banks protest demanding repayment of funds
"They're trying to break the backbone of democracy," Sen. Lindsey Graham says on Russian interference in elections
Pres. Trump confidant Roger Stone calls the FBI's Russia investigation a "witch hunt"
Putin has launched a military-patriotic movement known as the Young Army.
Republicans stared deeply into Putin's eyes, Chuck Schumer just bought him coffee
Trump tweets photo of Chuck Schumer and Putin, calls for "immediate investigation"
Putin critic, who says he was poisoned twice in Russia, speaks out for the first time to @RichardEngel on @NBCNightlyNews.
.@wikileaks: Editorial note: No-one outside of WikiLeaks was informed about our DNC scoop or its launch time. It was obtained prior to the RNC. #Sessions
.@wikileaks: Clinton campaign sent access request to U.S. nuclear weapons secrets over email PDF:
.@wikileaks: Swedish journalism professor: The decline of the Swedish myth
.@wikileaks: RT @wikileaks: @sweden Here is what Sweden is famous for - #1 the illegal detention of our editor
.@wikileaks: Swedish Foreign Minister Wallström is to call U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson today to complain about recent press coverage of Sweden.
.@wikileaks: UN has found that Julian #Assange is being unlawfully detained, without charge, by Sweden
Fontanka: Petersburg police was said to be prepared to war time. Article later deleted
Russian state Tu-214SR is providing communications support near Khotilovo
The Kremlin says it hasn't looked at Alexei Navalny's video exposing Dmitri Medvedev's corruption, although it's had over 2 million views.
Alexei Navalny is opening his presidential campaign headquarters in Samara
Russian Strategic Bomber Morse Code net active
Three other Trump campaign members spoke with Russian ambassador
Sessions on Russian election influence: "I believe the truth will come out"
.@wikileaks: RT @wikileaks: Massive expansion of Swedish military PSYOPS (black propaganda operations) - job advertisements
Carter Page scrambles in first TV interview about Trump, Russia
Kushner, Flynn met with Russian ambassador in December
.@wikileaks: A useful extended DNC & @Guccifer2 timeline (@WikiLeaks does not endorse/disendorse the analysis)
.@wikileaks: .@Mormon_Leaks receives first "copyright" threat from LDS Church See also previous (failed) threat to @WikiLeaks
Sen. Feinstein: “I think there is a real underestimation of Russia and what Russia has been doing in the world"
Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador who spoke with Sessions, is one of Russia’s most senior diplomatic figures.
WH now says Flynn had meeting with Russian ambassador at Trump Tower