Map. History of Russia conflict

22 November 2017
Turkish Diplomat: #Turkey has all the rights to take all procedures to protect its security and interests
"Absurd claims concerning alleged strikes." [email protected]_russia Strike by RuAF on #Assad was featured twice by MoD
Russia ministry says 'serious grounds' to suspect Turkey preparing to invade Syria
#Turkey planning military invasion in #Syria - Russian military
Zakharova said that BBC movie is only "2nd year of propagandist school"
We can't let terrorists use the #HumanitarianAid we send to Syrians - @mfa_russia
Polish president's jet 'disintegrated' mid-air in 2010: minister
It's propaganda
#AlNusra and Ahrar Al-Sham might say they're against #ISIS, but they have transport agreements [email protected]_russia
In the state Duma proposed the law forbidding Russians to use dollars
In Nigeria, captured Russian sailors
Russian state Duma will consider question to suspend elections during crisis
Russia urges North Korea to avoid escalating tensions with rocket launch
Rosselkhoznadzor warns that cheese from Belarus could be dangerous
Russia could overrun Eastern Europe in 3 days, say military experts
Henry Kissinger visited Putin in Moscow for some “friendly dialogue”
Stratfor: Russian Privatization Will Fail, Again
Putin thanks Bavarian PM for efforts to normalize Russia-Germany relations
NATO report: A 2013 #Russia-n aerial exercise was actually a 'simulated nuclear attack' on Sweden
Plane caught on fire in Domodedovo
SG #NATO confirmed not only that #Russia simulated nuclear attack on #Sweden-#EU,but also on NATO incl.during Ex.#Zapad
Russia to continue bombing Syria until it defeats 'terrorist organisations': Lavrov
2 shot dead in car in Nazran'
#Putin Names #Korobov As New #Military #Intelligence Chief
EU Ambassador to Russia Demands Reaction to Kadyrov's 'Murder Threats'
Ulyukaev said the situation with the Federal budget is critical
In Moscow Died Yury Emelyanov, dissident and participant of protest rallies in 2012
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Lifenews reporting that police seized RPG launcher in St.Petersburg. Owner wears Ukrainian Navy uniform
Shoigu now saying restarting Tu-160 production a priority
In the Kuban military tow felt from KAMAZ into the river
Merkel tells Putin to 'use influence' to rein in Ukraine rebels