Map. History of Russia conflict

21 February 2018


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Picket against sentence of @navalny #Kazan
Picket against sentence Oleg and Alexei @navalny in #Kazan
Salary of judges in #Russia will be raised by 30% in 2015/2016.
Russia's former PM Kasyanov: "Crimea's not our territory"
Russian team arrives in Indonesia to help #AirAsia plane search operation
Izhevsk. Plant burning
Russian Nazi Demushkin to Lifenews: Kyiv encourages anti-Russian hysteria and radicals
On the website of the "Echo of Moscow" new year address of Poroshenko was popular than Putin's one
Russian Investigative Committee launches criminal probe into obstructing activity of Lifenews TV channel in #Kyiv
Putin addressed Russia in New Year speech. Mentioned occupation of Crimea as "Landmark in Russian history"
Lots of police this New Year Eve at Tverskaya
Rally in St. Petersburg, clashes with police
Rally in St. Petersburg, clashes with police
The government of Russia decided to shut down the protest ball
All detainees in the ball now in the Police station Luzhniki - there are 18 people
Everyone in Ball on Manege were detained by police
Russian NTV channel comes to The Ball
Hot tea turns to ice for 15 minutes. It's −20 °C in Moscow
In Yekaterinburg protesters came to the building of the FSB
Protesters of "Ball"
People brought pizza and blankets to "Ball" protesters
Police near the ball
Police and FSB stormed "Theater.doc", where movie about Maidan was planned to show
Presnensky Police station: 14 detained. Judgment tomorrow in the morning
Tel Aviv today. Embassy of RF in Israel
One Estonian citizen and a citizen of Ukraine were detained in Meshansky Police Station
New Year ball occupied by protesters
About 40 protesters left on Manezhna inside New Year Ball - playing push-ups
Message flashed on Tverskaya Ulitsa during this evening's protest against the #Navalny verdict. No Maidan in #Moscow
[email protected]_UK photos from Horlivka - Russian flag over city
245 protesters were detained in Moscow - police