Map. History of Russia conflict

20 October 2017
Protest in support of Eldar Dadin, who is being tortured in Russian prison, in St.Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg, Russia now: "FreeDadin. Torture prisons-Putin's Gulags today"
"V.V." sent Surkov an unpublished edition of amendments to Ukraine's constitution introduced by "rebels" not long before
Russia's "human rights ombudsman" Tatyana Moskalkova published a picture of her meeting with Ildar Dadin in prison.
«Slavic Brotherhood»: Russian and Belarus paratroopers arrived in Serbia for drill
Photo: Kuznetsov towing "Dubna class" tanker
On December 24 2014, "Donetsk Republic parliament speaker" Denis Pushilin sent Surkov a peace roadmap based on 1st Minsk Agreements.
Putin signs order to grant Steven Seagal Russian citizenship
#SurkovLeaks (part 2): hacktivists publish new email dump
Russia, Western military district: Mig-29 drill
At a refinery in Tatarstan was a powerful fire
Putin is planning to rid the Russian government of foreign software replacing Microsoft products with Russian ones.
"Motorola mural" was vandalized in St.Petersburg
Russia vows to respond to alleged NATO build-up on borders of Russia and Belarus with reciprocal measures
Moscow authorities seized Russian office of @Amnesty International
Shoigu: NATO increasing offensive forces on West borders of Russia
Video of helicopter crash in Sochi
Video of helicopter crash in Sochi
Serbia, Russia set to hold joint military exercise amid claims Russian spies were recently expelled from Serbia
RUAF Tu-154 85686 Chkalovsky-Minsk - Shoigu visit to Minsk
Finland suspects odd real estate purchases by Russians could be used to house or conceal troops in case of invasion
"Stop the tortures" "Free Ildar Dadin!"
Russian Federal prison service denies any tortures
Rally in support of Eldar Dadin, who is being tortured in Russian prison
Police deployed near HQ of Federal Prisons service of Russia
Putin ordered to increase funding of the North Caucasus after Kadyrov's protest
Rally in Moscow demanding to investigate tortures in Segezh penal colony
Rally at HQ of Federal prisons service of Russia against tortures of Eldar Dadin
Russian Defence Ministry: Russian troops in Abkhazia destroyed simulated fighters in exercises in attempt to blow up depots
Single protest of Russian singer Baretsky against Hillary Clinton
Single protest of Russian singer Baretsky against Hillary Clinton
"War – Unemployment – November": Rally in St.Petersburg