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23 กันยายน 2018

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The U.S. says it has "run out of patience" with Russia and has suspended contact with the Kremlin over Syria
US halts Syria talks with Russia as air strikes destroy major hospital in Aleppo
SYRIA: UN Syria envoy De Mistura ‘deeply regrets’ US suspension of Syria talks with Russia
UPDATE: US suspends Syria ceasefire talks with Russia
Putin arrived in Astana to meet with Nazarbayev
Russian Ministry of finance wants additional 680B rubles($11B) for "secret spending"
White House "disappointed" after Russia leaves plutonium deal
Russia hasn't carried out successful strike on ISIS in more than 7 months, "reduced to claiming credit for successful US ops"-WH
Irina Yatsenko in Moscow: "No to war! The children of Ukraine and Syria want to live!"
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte: RF should stop spreading nonsense about an investigation into the crash of Flight MH17
Russian foreign ministry assured that military-grade plutonium won't be used for weapons
Russian Foreign ministry accused U.S in derailing of Russian economics
Lavrov on plutonium agreement: You cannot talk to Russia with position of force
Putin ride ATV four wheeler
Lifenews: Putin released horses into the reserve
Russia also wants U.S to cancel Ukraine-linked sanctions against Russia
Russia wants U.S to cancel all sanctions and reduce troops from NATO countries to resume plutonium agreement
Russia will resume plutonium agreement if U.S will cancel Magnitsky law
The 76th Guards Air Assault Division of Pskov which has been involved in the annexation of Crimea is fully mobilized
Russia:5,000+ paratroopers and 900+ pieces of combat hardware are involved in exercises in Pskov near Estonia-Latvia and Ivanovo Regions.
Lukashenko is threatening to exit Eurasian Union
Blogger Nosik: when Russian troops are storming Aleppo, I'm on trial for supporting it
Another court in Moscow today, popular blogger Nosik face 2 years of jail for post urging to bomb Aleppo
Russian singer Korneev on Syria: there are our boys on fronts as part Private military company Vagner
Novaya Gazeta are reporting there has been an assassination attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin's close ally and President of Chechnya
The US has stopped being coy about its political plans in Syria and now expresses them openly - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov.
Turkey delegation meet with Alexander Dugin in Moscow
Ilya Yashin picketing military district court, - Nemtsov trial begins today
Massive drills launched in Russia
Massive drills launched in Russia
Suspects led into court in Boris Nemtsov murder trial. 5 men from Chechnya accused of contract killing
FSB: journalist Sushenko is a colonel of Ukrainian intelligence
Russia suspends agreement on plutonium utilization with U.S
Head of Verkhovna Rada Parubiy proposed to impose additional sanctions against Russia, visa regime amid arrest of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushenko
Russian court arrested Ukrainian journalist in charges of espionage
Russia launched new large-scale drill, with 300 military units of all operating domains
Russia's federal security service claims it detained a Ukrainian military officer in Moscow on alleged espionage charge
Russia's MoD announced military exercises in Pskov and Ivanovo regions, involving over 5,000 paratroopers
Turkish-American mission will perform an observation flight over Russia
Tanks and infantry drills near Nizhny Novhorod
Tanks and infantry drills near Nizhny Novhorod
Russian strategic aviation is active this morning
Military neighborhood of Irkutsk - residents of house without heat write on the roof "SOS Putin, help"
Russian and Assad air strikes on already injured civilians in Aleppo
Russian  and  Assad air strikes on already injured civilians in Aleppo
Philippines' Duterte says China, Russia supportive when he complained of U.S.
'No doubt' Russia behind hacks on U.S. election system: senior Democrat
Ukrainian reporter arrested in Moscow on "espionage" charges
Russia plans for over 40 million people to participate in civil defence exercises October 4-7
Blogger Anton Nosik could be imprisoned in Russia for calling for mass bombing in Syria, which Russia is now doing.
RUAF strategic aviation Tu-22Ms deployed 01OCT16 to Mozdok
'To hell with those who violate order in Chechen Republic, they should be shot dead' - Kadyrov about drug abusers
"Schools" Orthodox procession today in Yekaterinburg
2 Dagestan militants killed in special operation
Criminal case opened after attack on Synagogue in Moscow
Counter-terror operation in Tabasaransk district of Dagestan
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