Map. History of Russia conflict

22 February 2018


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Truck-mounted ZU-23 at "Clear Sky" drill in Krasnodar region of Russia
"President Putin has never had any contacts with Trump, never spoken to him, including by telephone," says Peskov.
IOC president Bach hits out a Wada’s ‘nuclear option’ over Russia #Rio2016 Olympians
Team Clinton has reserved $98m in TV ads. Team Trump? Less than $1 million
Russian military base under construction 50km from Ukraine's border (via @mod_russia's FB)
Anthrax patients toll in Salehard, Russian now 23
PHOTO: Chinese marines participating in «Morskoy Desant» competition in Kaliningrad
Trump says Russia's nuclear weapons systems are newer than the United States's nuclear arsenal
1 paratrooper died celebrating "Parartroopers day" in Moscow
Prosecutor asks court to sentence Yevgeny Urlashov to 15 years in a strict-government colony.
Aviadarts drill in Ryazan region of Russia
1 boy dead, 20 infected with anthrax in Salekhard, Russia
6 killed in explosion at VerhneconskNeftegaz enterprise of Rosneft
RuAF strategic HF voice net and cw W-marker active tonight
@ThierryMariani totally lose it and drop the "merde" word when confronted by Ukrainian question
@ThierryMariani totally lose it and drop the merde word when confronted by Ukrainian question
Polar Roar Ex.On the map are flt tracks of 2 B-52`s(Red), 1 B-52(Green), 2 B-2A(Black)
The Russian pilot Oleg Shelamov killed in Syria served at 92nd helicopter squadron in Klin
Russian ministry of Defense hold press-conference on shot-down Mi-8
WikiLeaks cables reveal Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort was secret US embassy source in Ukraine
Final decision on number of Russians allowed to compete in Rio 'could be reached as early as Monday or Tuesday'
Buzzer message: 56 307 GREChANKA 24 34 55 73, Buzzer message: 43 295 AZOTOSAD 17 60 88 68
Trump: "So with all of the Obama tough talk on Russia and the Ukraine, they have already taken Crimea and continue to push. That's what I said!"
13 wounded in explosion at Makhachkala restaurant
Russian Defense Ministry invites NATO experts to Moscow to discuss situation in Europe
Registration No of the RuAF Mi-8AMTSH helicopter downed in Syria - RF-95585
Islamic State calls on members to carry out jihad in Russia
Kremlin: Helicopter crew "died heroically because they were attempting to steer machine to minimize the casualties on the ground"
Syria, Idlib: Photos from the Russian MI-8 Crash site RF-95
Moscow: Russian MI-8 Shot Down Following delivery of Humanitarian Supplies to Aleppo 3 Crew and 2 Officers Dead
Russian Mindef source: Mi-8 helicopter shot down in Idlib