Map. History of Russia conflict

16 December 2017
Top Russia official says Moscow alarmed over Trump's unhinged NatSec team and "bellicose rhetoric" on Iran and China (Interfax)
Prosecutor: Navalny to sentence for 5 years, Ofitserov to 4 years.
Russian investigative committee opened criminal case on death of 3 people in Donetsk yesterday(in explosion)
Zakharova: Kyiv violated the Geneva Convention and all norms of morality. Only vandals can bomb the sleeping city
Russian Senator Pushkov says comments of US ambassador to UN on Ukraine sound like they'd been written by Obama Administration
Poland will take Moscow to UN court because it has not turned over wreckage of plane crash that killed the Polish president in 2010
Press Sec. @seanspicer denies reports of lifting cyber-related Russian sanctions: "We are not easing sanctions."
US Treasury amended Obama's sanctions order to "authorize certain transactions" with Russian FSB
Press-conference of Putin and Orban is over
Putin said that the war came to Donbass again, because Clinton lost the election
Sergey Lavrov left the talks with the Hungarians in a good mood
Vladimir Kara-Murza condition: he's unconscious, on artificial respiration, on dialysis.
Putin in Hungary: in Budapest talks ended, the Russian and Hungarian delegations will now begin the press conference
Kara-Murza health is not improving
Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban are negotiating behind closed doors, after, the two leaders released to the press
Putin dismissed 16 generals of the Ministry of emergency situations, interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee
Moscow expects improvement of relations between US and Russia with new State Secretary
Reports: activist/Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza rushed to hospital; in 2015 he'd survived a mystery illness, a suspected poisoning.
"Echo of Moscow" sources: Belarus is preparing to exit Eurasian Economical Union, CSTO and Union State(with Russia)
US intel says a top Trump advisor went to Moscow and met with Kremlin head of collecting intel on US elections.
The court banned Navalny to leave Kirov
Russia introduces border regime on its border to Belarus, which was effectively unguarded from 1995
Russia - Volgograd Regional Duma refuses to accept Holocaust exhibition.
Russian and Turkish lawmakers will discuss possibility of joint visit to Syria, Russia’s Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvyenko said
NORAD says it is shifting its operational focus to deal with a significant "air threat" from Russia.
Shoigu: Defence Ministry is monitoring situation with NATO exercises in the Black Sea.
9 killed as result of road accident in "New Moscow"
Russia says Trump should be more specific on Syria safe zones plan
PM Modi to visit Russia in June to attend St Petersburg International Economic Forum, where India is invited as Guest Country: @MEAIndia
Lavrov speaks at Russian-Arab forum in Abu Dhabi