Map. History of Russia conflict

18 December 2017
"SERB" anti-rally protesters in Moscow
Well-known journalist Nikolai Andrushchenko is in a coma after the attack
Well-known journalist Nikolai Andrushchenko is in a coma after the attack
Russia: Another footage of the military movement inside the city of Kaliningrad yesterday, anti-terrorist exercise.
Military blocked a part of the city to do Anti-Terrorist Exercises.
Big military convoy in Kaliningrad City yesterday
Human rights watcher in Grozny: if someone reported murder of gay, we won't even consider such report
Kadyrov press-secretary- if we had LGBT people in Chechnia we'd send them somewhere of no return
In Cheboksary at rehearsals detained violinist Andrei Osipov for his participation in anti-corruption protests
Russian opposition activist Mark Galperin was detained near his house
Ukraine rejects Eurovision call to allow Russian entry
And Russia's Internet censor @roscomnadzor has already blocked access to several sites promoting the #RussiaProtests.
Protest of truck drivers in Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya, Russia
Russian investigative committee opened case on calls for mass riots
Truck drivers protest in Chita
Zebra cross-walk with Navalny "behind bars" in Mahachkala
Zebra cross-walk with Navalny
In Chechnya, Russia over 100 men detained in the last week due to suspected homosexuality. Likely to be tortured
Protest in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia today
Russian National guard in the center of Mahachkala
In Makhachkala, Dagestan, up to 2,000 residents held a protest blocking the street
Across Russia, teachers tell students in schools and colleges not to participate in anti-corruption protests. Many students argue back.
US investigators are looking into whether Trump campaign reps helped Russian intel carry out cyberattacks
Today @WhiteHouse rejected Kremlin's spox Peskov's offer via @ABC to conduct Putin-Trump meeting "to solve Ukraine issue and stop wars".
Dagestan, Russia: Protest of truck drivers
Comedian Rob Schneider to Democrats: Russia is not the problem, you are
Dagestan: Truck drivers on the top of truck in protest against deployed armed troops
Sec. Tillerson: US and NATO support for Ukraine remains steadfast; we do not accept Russian efforts to change its borders or territory.
Tillerson: U.S. sanctions will remain until Russia reverses actions
National guard in Dagestan was deployed to site of protest of truck drivers
NATO Allies speak with one voice: we do not and will not recognise Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea - @jensstoltenberg
In Samara director of military factory "Salyut" Nikolay Poropllo was found dead. Factory is making protection for helicopters and planes