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22 กันยายน 2018

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Putin appeared remarkably subdued during an address in which he called for cooperation with Trump's administration
U.S. commanders concerned over recent outreach between Russia, Egypt
Russia: Reportedly view from Biysk on falling Progress MS-04 unmanned spacecraft footage
Russia: Reportedly view from Biysk on falling Progress MS-04 unmanned spacecraft  footage
Russia's space agency confirms malfunction has caused an unmanned cargo ship to crash minutes after it blasted off.
Russia still banned from international athletics: IAAF
Emercom of Russia searching for Progress debris ear Ishtii-Hem village of Tuva republic
Progress MS-04 crashed in Tuva Republic of RF
The Ministry of Defence announced that 2022 is planned to purchase 16 multi-role helicopters Raven
Putin discussed with the Security Council humanitarian assistance to the residents of eastern Aleppo by Russian military
Progress MS-04 spacecraft may have already crashed in China or Pacific
Which supplies are carried by #ProgressMS04
NASA video of a spectacular blastoff of Russia’s Progress MS-04 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome
NASA: Russians investigating inconsistent telemetry data from Progress cargo ship, which launched at 9:51 am ET
Russian mission control examining data after losing contact with space station cargo craft on launch
During telemetry interruption at L+383 seconds, #ProgressMS04 was performing powered flight on 3rd stage of Soyuz rocket.
RosKosmos says it's lost connection with Progres ship
In Krasnodar the armed robber tried to rob the Bank
Video: the liftoff of the Progress MS-04 spacecraft
Video: the liftoff of the Progress MS-04 spacecraft
RosKosmos: telemetric signal lost with Progress MS-04/ Soyuz-U rocket. 393 second of flight
NASA now indicates earlier-than-planned separation of #ProgressMS04 from 3rd stage. The fate of the ship unknown
Executive director of Roskosmos was arrested
Liftoff of Russia’s Progress MS-04 supply ship with more than 2.6 tons of food, fuel and supplies for space station.
Putin: the majority of government employees are honest, decent people
Russia's new foreign policy concept says US efforts to restrain Russia are undermining global stability
Russian Novak: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Oman, Bahrain may also join cut. OPEC holding relevant consultations
Russian woman Oksana Sevastidi has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for treason for texting in 2008 about military heading for Georgia
Russian media claims 2 Russian MiG-31 had to make emergency landing. One had pressure issues in braking system
In Astrakhan, Fire in high-rise building
Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev said on the withdrawal of Russian military bases from the territory of the country
Putin approved the new foreign policy concept of Russia
Putin: We see that difficult political events are taking place in Abkhazia. We are very much hoping the situation will come under control
Putin meets the president of Abkhazia, one of the quasi-states created by Russia to ensure permanent instability in former Soviet countries
Russia's Putin to meet Japan foreign minister Friday.
In Perm, made an emergency landing of the second MiG per day
On the highway "Baikal" near Irkutsk three people were killed in road accidents
The pirates left the ship with the Russian hostages and disappeared in Nigeria. They took with them three crew members
Foreign sanctions gave boost to Russia's agricultural sector - Putin
Hackers stole more than a hundred million rubles from Russian Bank with
"We will not tolerate infringement of our interests": 12 main phrases of the Putin's message
For fighting in prison Ildar Dadin will spend six months in a cell by himself
Despite the court ban, Gudkov managed to say before the jury almost all the political motive
Gudkov: Nemtsov because of its brightness and sharpness of the position was an easy target for the mass of threats and provocations. He became a target
Putin at SOTU: Russian military delivered a serious blow on "fighters" in Syria, thanks servicemen. Ovation.
Putin: We never look for enemies, we need friends, but we will build their future themselves. Without others tips and unsolicited advice!
Putin: No high position, no connection can be protected for a dishonest government officials
Putin: You must respond to any fact of corruption, the fight against it is of the utmost importance for the country
Putin: We purposefully changing the economic structure, increase export volume, support small business
Putin: Until recently it seemed that agriculture - a black hole, but we were able to make it a profitable competitive industry
Putin calls for a re-assessment of the February revolution.
Putin: Children everywhere in the Russia needs to study in normal conditions: it is necessary to eliminate the third and the second shift in schools
Putin: The next year, high speed internet access must be plugged in all the hospitals in the country to use telemedicine
Putin: the meaning of the whole of our policy is saving people, this is the aim of all our work
Putin reminds Russians that next year is the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, and revolutions are bad! No more revolutions please.
Russia’s First Deputy PM: No revolutions expected in Economic Development Ministry
Russian President Putin will deliver his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly today
Monument to victims of political repressions was vandalized near Magadan
2 killed as result of gas explosion in Rostov region
Russia, Germany accuse each other of election hacking
"It's always been a bit of a mystery for me" what Russia is trying to accomplish in Syria, says @CENTCOM Gen. Votel.
At FPI Forum @SenatorCardin says he hopes @realDonaldTrump "understands Russia's danger to the US and the region."
Murmansk experiences second-large scale blackout in a month.
Deputy Finance Minister Maxim Oreshkin appointed as economy minister to replace arrested Ulyukayev.
Sergei Shoigu took part in 71st session of Council of CIS Defence Ministers held in Moscow
Shoigu: Azerbaijan is the Outpost of the Caspian sea security. And here we need to work together more effectively
Kremlin 'does not confirm' contacts with @realDonaldTrump administration on Syria
Zakharova: Russia is open to constructive dialogue with all countries, including Montenegro
Yashin: We discussed Kadyrov for last time sometime in 2014. Nemtsov published a video on how Chechen forces crossed the border with Ukraine
Ilya Yashin: Nemtsov considered Kadyrov a gangster, he said his entourage was subject to no law.
Japan trade minister says deals with Russia to be 'win-win'
Police investigate Philipp Kirkorov for making false report.
Zhirinovsky calls for those who studied in the West to be removed from the government.
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