Map. History of Russia conflict

20 October 2017
Finland suspects odd real estate purchases by Russians could be used to house or conceal troops in case of invasion
"Stop the tortures" "Free Ildar Dadin!"
Russian Federal prison service denies any tortures
Rally in support of Eldar Dadin, who is being tortured in Russian prison
Police deployed near HQ of Federal Prisons service of Russia
Putin ordered to increase funding of the North Caucasus after Kadyrov's protest
Rally in Moscow demanding to investigate tortures in Segezh penal colony
Rally at HQ of Federal prisons service of Russia against tortures of Eldar Dadin
Russian Defence Ministry: Russian troops in Abkhazia destroyed simulated fighters in exercises in attempt to blow up depots
Single protest of Russian singer Baretsky against Hillary Clinton
Single protest of Russian singer Baretsky against Hillary Clinton
"War – Unemployment – November": Rally in St.Petersburg
Helicopter crashed into the house in Sochi, at least 1 dead 5 wounded
Helicopter crashed into the house in Sochi, at least 1 dead 5 wounded
Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held teleconference with leadership of Rus Armed Forces
Letter of Ildar Dadin to his wife, he claims about tortures in prison
Lawyer of Dadin: he is being regularly beaten and tortured in prison
Kadyrov said unacceptable the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to cut the budget of the Chechen Republic
False bomb threat causes flight delays at Bishkek airport
Putin signs law halting plutonium disposal deal with US
Putin urged to develop the law of the Russian nation
Moscow authorities refused to allow "Russian March" in Moscow
Police found large amount of mines at Moscow station
Explosives found at railway car in South-East Moscow
Death of former Putin aide in D.C. hotel room is ruled accidental
The two Akula-class submarines and 1 Kilo-class submarine from the Northern fleet have joined the battlegroup of Russian naval vessels.
Kiselev defends his previous statement that Russia could turn US into "radioactive dust", but denies he meant this aggressively.
Medvedev to Putin: income 13,5 trillions RUB, expenses 16 trillions, so deficit only 3%
Muscovites queue in the cold on Lubyanka Square to read out the names of Stalin's victims. Very moving and powerful.
Muscovites lining up in the snow to read the names of the victims of Soviet terror. Russia labeled the organizers "foreign agents."
Russia voted off UN Human Rights Council over Syria
Russia foreign ministry says Syria school strike photos 'fake'