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23 January 2018


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Egypt air crash: "Accident or attack? "
Head of #Russia aviation agency: Debris 20+ sq km, 8km long/4km wide. "Every indication destruction of the plane occurred at high altitude”
Memorial at Dvortsova square in St.Petersburg
Russian transport watchdog suspended suspended flights of A321 of "Kogalymavia"
Assad expressed his condolences to Putin
People at the memorial in Pulkovo
Russia's #Emercom convoy crossed #Suez Canal towards the #Kogalymavia A321 airliner's crash site
From Nov 1, Kremlin cancelled spec. regime for #Ukrainians for long stay in Russia
Over 80 fully autonomous Russia emergency ministry personnel land in Egypt early Sunday
Deutsche Bank, Moscow unit, under investigation for $6 billion money-laundering transactions involving Putin crony
Russian EMERCOM 61717 now approaching Cairo. 76840 following further back.
Ambulances with the dead bodies of the #7K9268 plane accident. In front of the morgue,Cairo
State Department: Kerry spoke with Lavrov offered assistance with the crash of the aircraft of the Russian Federation
Ambulances bring Russian plane victims' bodies to Cairo morgue #7K9268
Egyptian PM visits #7K9268 crash site in Sinai
Most planes, incl Russian ones, r avoiding northern part Sinai, diverting from route flight #7K9268.
Ukrainians bring flowers to the building of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv
#7K9268 crash scene in #Sinai: All 224 passengers of Russian plane confirmed dead
Kyiv residents bring flowers to Russian Embassy
In Ingushetia, killed the "Emir of Nazran"
Scene of the crash of the Russian Airbus
Russia's transport minister says there's no reason to believe ISIL's claims that it shot down the passenger flight.
Islamic State group in Egypt claims it downed Russian airliner
A source in the Federal air transport Agency reported that blame either the design features of the liner, or it was terrorist attack
3 Ukrainian among dead at #7K9268
Egyptian officials say there are no survivors from crash of Russian airliner in Sinai.
The office of "Kogalymavia" owner in Moscow is raided
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Someone published video "Militants shot plane in Sinai Egypt" after plane crash in Sinai. Montage or old.
Someone published video Militants shot plane in Sinai Egypt after plane crash in Sinai. Montage or old.
Egypt security sources say Russian airliner’s black box found, no indication of terrorism
Russia opens case for "violation of rules of flights and preparation for them" in connection with plane crash in #Egypt
The Egyptian authorities banned flights over the crash site of the Russian plane
Deputy mayor of Pskov was on board of crashed airbus
Putin orders Russian rescue teams to Egypt plane crash site
It was dawn when #7K9268 went down, the weather at the time looked beautiful
4 survivors have been found:Sources #7K9268
Putin offers condolences to the families of plane crash victims.
Officers at the scene of the Russian plane crash say voices of trapped passengers could be heard in a section of the plane
Putin Orders Medvedev To Form Commission On Air Crash
#IDF assisted with aerial surveillance efforts to locate crashed #Russian jet #7K9628 in #Sinai
Relatives that waited for arriving #7K9268 in Pulkovo are loading into buses now
#Egypt-ian prime minister with other ministers are heading to the site of the #Russian plane crash
At Pulkovo flight from Egypt is expected with a delay
Wreckage of Russian passenger plane found in Sinai: Egypt PM
Crashed Russian passenger plane #7K9268 found in Southern Arish, #Sinai – Egyptian aviation authority
No indication Russian plane that crashed in #Egypt's Sinai was shot down: security sources
Local media in Sinai: there are no survivors on the crash of #7K9268
The pilot of the missing aircraft of the Russian "Kogalymavia" requested emergency landing in Cairo. All passengers Rus. nationals
State-owned Al-Ahram: hospitals placed on high alert in northern #Sinai and 20 ambulances are rushing to the site of the crash
Flight #7K9268 was descending with about 6000 feet per minute just before signal was lost
Lithuania MFA: Our thoughts and hearts go to the close ones of the Russian plane tragedy over Egypt
Russian EMERCOM on high alert due to reports of Airbus down
Flightradar24 lost tracking of Kolavia A321 EI-ETJ flight #7K9268 over Egypt. It descended 5000 feet before coverage was lost.
Lost Russian Kolavia Airbus A321-231 flight 7K9268 still not responding at Flightradar
Russian civilian plane crashes in Sinai: Egypt PM
Flightradar charts show that airbus down very fast
Egyptian aviation official says lost plane carrying Russians is safe, has contacted Turkish air traffic control
Egyptian Official: Russian airplane has left the Egyptian airspace
Kogalymavia plane flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, disappeared from radar near Larnaka
200 passengers were in the Russian plane which went missing in Sinai
Egyptian fighter jets are searching for the wreckage of the Russian plane in Sinai
Russian civilian aircraft has fallen in #Sinai #Egypt
Grenade explosion killed 1 in Irkutsk