Map. History of Russia conflict

23 October 2017
Center for education of Special Forces of Chechnya in the city of Gudermes. Russia
Ukrainian Artur Panov dies at the age of 17 of a "heart attack" in a Russian prison. He was accused of planning a terrorist attack.
Istanbul Ataturk International: Sailors of Navy Liman are repatriated by Russian Military operated Tupolev
Independence investigation: Alexander Petrunko of SERB organization is the one who attacked Navalny with green chemical substance
St. Petersburg today: "The war with Ukraine is a crime with no statute of limitations."
Likely Navalny attacker Petrunko seen leading a pro-Russian mob storming a gov building in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2014.
#MayDay demo in Yakutsk
Truck drivers at May Day demo
MayDay demo in St. Petersburg for academic freedom: "Threatening universities is not patriotic."
MOE rescued from fires 8 thousand people in Siberia
Police at Petersburg May Day have detained 10 LGBT activists protesting torture and killing of gay men in Chechnya
Arrested St. Petersburg LGBT activists on the police bus. "Putin is evil."
Massive #MayDay rally in Kaluga
Massive #MayDay rally in Kaluga
Banners at "Monstration"
"Enough!" banner at May Day march.
Viktor Stepanov detained with sign "Putin, out!"
In St.Petersburg LGBTE activists were detained cause of chants "Kadyrov to Hague"
"Monstration" rally in Novosibirsk: "Are you my mummy?"
"Monstration" rally in Novosibirsk
Monstration rally: "Big brother is watching, and he is get bored"
RenTV airs video of last week's attack on Navalny, perp's face the only one that's blurred
Grigory Baevsky's yacht Rahil transited BlackSea-bound Bosphorus yesterday. Baevskiy works for Arkadiy Rotenberg, listed by @USTreasury OFAC
WHCD jokes about Trump and Russia: 'The leader of our country is not here. And that's because he lives in Moscow'
H.R. McMaster: US relationship with Russia not better or worse
McMaster on Russia relations in 1st 100 days:We can shift relationship so there is room for cooperation in key areas where there’s overlap.
McMaster on US-Russia relations in Trump's first 100 days: "I don't think they have gotten either better or worse"
Lt Gen H.R. McMaster on U.S.-Russia relations: “I don’t think they’ve gotten either better or worse.”
Donetsk Schorsa: wedding car with mil. plate "Chechen";covered Kamaz;Kamaz with Vasilek;more trucks in background
Russia threatens not to deploy Anti-missile system in Norway
Russia says U.S. missiles in Poland, Romania would violate treaty