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19 กรกฎาคม 2018

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After March. The end
"Stop Russian aggression" rally in Stockholm today
Rally in the center of Krasnodar today
Today in #Marseille #Nemtsov
"Still thinking? Stop Russia now!" demonstration in The Hague, Neherlands
Aerial view of Russian march
Aerial view of Russian march
#JeSuisBoris Brno, Czech Republic
In Orenburg was held a demo in memory of Boris Nemtsov
4 bullets of the Kremlin
Investigators came to office of Nemtsov in Yaroslavl. The search began.
#Kharkiv residents prayed for the dead 22.02 and B. Nemtsov near the monument to Shevchenko
"I'm not afraid"
In Zaporozhye rally in support #Savchenko and memory of #Nemtsov
Today in London was also #March
Mark Feygin Just got a call from Rada. MP Logwinski asked to assume the defense of the arrested MP Goncharenko
"Sea of people"
Police trucks
Russian flag with Europian stars
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova at rally in Moskow
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova at rally in Moskow
Police helicopter low over the crowd in Moscow
Bolshaya Ordynka
Activists prepare to distribute leaflets about the murder of Boris Nemtsov. SC Gallery in #Krasnodar, where we are, surrounded by the FSB. @D_Gutov
Riot police detain an activist of the "Narodnaya Volya" live
In Mariupol people honored the memory of the Nemtsov 50 thousand exactly
Ukrainian MP was detained on March of memory of Nemtsov in Moscow
Fascists in the Kremlin, in Kyiv - brothers!
Police displays with a March 10 people with imperial flags, allegedly for the masks. They say they will rewrite data
The March was began with chanting "Russia without Putin" and "No war!"
At the murder scene. Marsh has not passed
Moskow: Nadia D'ark
The press and rally
"Free Savchenko" - rally in Moscow
Rostov. The rally ended.
Demo in memory of Boris Nemtsov in #Tomsk
Hundreds of people march in #Vilnius, #Lithuania, in honor of Boris Nemtsov. #марш
"Dwarfs" shot in the back
Along the Emarkment to Moskvoretsky bridge
About 60 people came to rally in memory of Nemtsov in Vladimir
"Putin, #FreeSavchenko, Boris wanted it"
The Moscow rally's head turning to Moscow embankment, heading towards the bridge
Police near the bridge
#Cheboksary memory of #Nemtsov
Moscow Metro Now
I am Nemtsov. I am Navalny. I am Savchenko
Formation of the column almost ends
Moscow. Police detained man with a flag of Ukraine
"Nemtsov is love, Putin is war"
"Never forget never forgive". Saint Petersburg
Thousands of people in St. Petersurg
#March #Nemtsov
"These shots are in each of us"
#Saratov A single picket in memory of the Nemtsov
"Putin is a killer"
Queue to enter "rally zone" in Moscow
People come and leave flowers, some remain and stand with posters in Nizhny Novgorod
Lines to buy flowers for Boris Nemtsov
The square is already filled to half
Police started to let protesters in
Nemtsov mourning march gathering in Moscow
The Russian regime prepares its police + army forces for the #Nemtsov rally
The Russian regime prepares its police + army forces for the Nemtsov rally
People gathering at China-Town metro station in Moscow
In Moscow Communists hung Dmitry #Medvedev
Press massing before rally in St. Petersburg
Rally at Gorkovskaya, St. Pete
Staff of the Russian Embassy in London cleaned up flowers, candles and portraits of Nemtsov
"No to war! No to Putin" - Moskva, Tverskaya
People gathering for today's march in Moscow
Lots of police buses near Kremlin
The girl on the Communist rally: I didn't want to go under Soviet flags, but I need money
"Antimaidan" thugs attacked participants of demo in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Voronezh.
In Ekaterinburg more than 1,500 people. The microphone is not working, but no one thinks to go
Antimaydan protests against Wagner opera in Novosibirsk
Rally in Novosibirsk
One man demo in Krasnoturinsk of Sverdlovsk region .
The Commies are also on the march in Moscow
People on rally in Yekaterinburg
The explosion in Chechnya wounded five military
Chief "investigator" in #Nemtsov murder is Gen. Drymanov, same as for #Savchenko and Khodorkovsky
"Heroes never die"
In #Prague activists picketing consulate of #Russia because of russian oppositioner #Nemtsov killing
In Chelyabinsk, an activist Oksana Trufanova received SMS with threat and accusation of "5th column"
#Helsinki, quiet #Nemtsov demo in front of #Russian Embassy
Rally near the Russian Consulate in new York
At Russia Embassy in Warsaw
Rally in Krasnodar in memory of Nemtsov
The queue for humanitarian aid in Sverdlovsk
"Murder of Nemtsov is USA provocation"
In Lviv people left flowers and candles to remember Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov
The Moscow metro. “28.02.15 - the Russian civil war. Boris Nemtsov was Shot near the Kremlin”
Ambassadors of EU lying flowers on murder site
Thousands of people on the place of fatal shooting
APCs in Moscow today
One more "Putin Killed Nemtsov"
Vigil for Nemtsov in Kyiv
#Kyiv #Maidan: #Putin killed my friend,
Police set the checkpoint. Inspecting the bags
People gathering on the scene of the murder of Boris Nemtsov
"He was killed by Putin"
"Je Suis Boris"
Peskov: Nemtsov murder won't damage Kremlin reputation
Nemtsov yesterday: we will make column in support of Savchenko
Nemtsov yesterday: we will make column in support of Savchenko
Kasyanov (in connection with the murder Nemtsov) cancels the Crisis in March Marino and assigns memorial service in center
Kasyanov (in connection with the murder Nemtsov) cancels the Crisis in March Marino and assigns memorial service in center
Vigil in memory of Nemtsov near Embassy of RF in Kyiv
Statement by President Barack Obama regarding the Nemtsov murder
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